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10-13-2011, 05:10 AM
1992 Ford Mustang GT.


I purchased this car for the complete RUNNING drivetrain and other parts to used in another Foxbody Mustang Project I had. I have sold that project and now will sell this running and driving parts car as I now have no need for this car.

This car has the COMPLETE RUNNING & DRIVING 1992 Ford Mustang GT with a Mass Air Flow Fuel Injected 302 engine, AOD Automatic Overdrive Transmission and 3.08 Traction-Lok 8.8 Inch Rear-end. Under the hood the car is TOTALLY COMPLETE with the factory fuel injected 302 engine with original shorty headers, nice aftermarket H pipe with catalytic converters and more. The cooling system is totally complete including the radiator, fan shroud, fan, clutch etc. The ONLY non-stock item under the hood is a K&N air filter. The AOD automatic overdrive transmission shifts properly. The 3.08 Traction-Lok rear-end is complete with NICE aftermarket lower control arms & sway bar. The rear-end has lower aftermarket lower control arms and sway bar. The original gas tank is complete with a new electric fuel pump. All the brakes are complete and working. The air conditioning system is totally complete under the hood and inside the car. There is a NICE aftermarket 2 1/2 inch H Pipe WITH catalytic converters. The car has four (4) Mustang aluminum wheels. The doors on the car are power window & power door lock doors. The passenger door, rear hatch & hood are in excellent condition. The rear hatch has the GT spoiler and has rear window defogger wiring. The drivers door has damage. ALL the wiring in the car is complete and in nice condition. The rest of the body has driver's side and roof damage and is therefore a parts car. Pull the engine, transmission, rear-end, wiring, doors, hatch, hood, fuel system, cooling system, A/C system and then junk the rest for at least $200.00 at the scrap yard.

This car is a PARTS CAR and is sold with a Bill of Sale ONLY. There is NO title to this car. This is PERFECT parts car to V8 Swap into another car as every nut, bolt and screw is complete for that swap!

$1,500.00 FIRM!


Pictures in link below:

http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii145/mjs-13/1992%20Ford%20Mustang%20GT%20Parts%20Car%20Oct%202 011/