View Full Version : WTB: First gen "fast" outer steering arms

06-04-2011, 08:45 PM
Looking for a usable pair of first gen Camaro short outer steering arms. The arms will have one of these pairs of part numbers:
LH-3954875 RH-3954876
LH-3902519 RH-3902520
LH-3954879 RH-3954880
(credit to David Pozzi for collecting the info: http://www.pozziracing.com/camaro_steering.htm)

If you are somebody who can cut and re-weld the medium or long arms to produce the same dimensions as these short arms, might be willing to hire you to do so.

This seems to be about the only part for the first gen Camaro not available in the aftermarket. With the benefits to big wheel fitment and quicker steering, what gives??