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05-05-2011, 02:10 PM
Bulldawg Musclecars is growing, and is looking for experienced shop help.The ideal candidate will be comfortable with all aspects of car building, but with an emphasis on the mechanical and electrical side. I'm looking for true enthisiasts, with a passion for cars. Fabrication and welding skills are a plus, but not required for this position. You must have your own tools, be a team player, and be capable of working independently if needed. This is a drug free workplace, and those with criminal records need not apply. Individuals living a reasonable distance from Acworth, GA preferred, but if you're willing to relocate thats ok too.

We have full and part time positions available. If you are interested in applying, please email me at [email protected] NO PHONE CALLS. I will contact you if I think there is a good fit. If you have a resume with relevant work experience, please attach it. If you have experience with your personal cars, include that as well.


05-06-2011, 04:09 PM
Still reviewing resumes, but nowhere near a decision. Keep 'em coming!

07-19-2016, 04:56 PM
Don't ever use or work for this Bulldawg, for $50k I got a viper powered cuda that was a complete mess and needs to be redone because his backyard mechanics suck. They used my car as a parts car while it was there many parts missing. Car was supposed to be running, when it got to NY wires under the dash were clipped, brakes leaked, fuel lines leaked, the rims and tires combo don't even fit car and hit fenders and won't turn, fit and finish looked like a 5 yr old bolted the fenders on. Turn out its hard to file suit cause this crook keeps changing his LLC. I was billed for hundreds of hours of work that wasn't done. Seems it is a pattern with this crook.

Breach of Contract 2014-SU-CV-12-7
Plaintiff: Achille Tamatave Lawyer: Anita M Lamar

Labor Fair Practice
Case Number 1:13-cv-03940
Plaintiff: Benedict Meissner, Jr.
Lawyer: Jeffrey Alan Daxe/Carey E. Olson - Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP

Wish I could add pictures because I had a $10k paint job that was scratched all to hell and needs to be redone because his **** mechanics don't use caution. What else, new rack needs replaced because the gears are messed cause they didn't use fluid, vintage air parts missing and doesn't work. Pretty much the whole car needs redone. If you have a car here, check it close watch your bills and if you can run. This is just the start of my campaign to prevent others from being robbed by this guy.

Joe is a crook and a thief that will over bill you with made up hours, all the work his guys do is half assed, they will steal your parts and put them on other cars, he will lie to your face about the work he has done. Unfortunately I am not the first person to get a pile of parts for thousands of dollars but if I can prevent others it I will try. This guy is the worst kind of crook and should shut down his business

Just spent the day redoing the whole brake unit because his fabricated brake peddle shaft was a half inch too short and the lines leaked and they weren't attached to anything, his guys are going to kill someone with this work.

Find a different shop, don't get taken!

07-19-2016, 06:34 PM
Probably should have posted in the feedback section

09-27-2016, 06:15 AM
This shop/company has been doing this to customers since the day they opened their doors , more people need to speak out