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10-08-2010, 02:30 PM
First and foremost, please accept my sincere apology for the lack of or late announcements as it relates to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge. For some it has caused confusion and concern regarding plans and expenses over the SEMA week. We understand this and will do our best going forward to be more proactive and better listeners.

To reassure everyone, the 2011 OUSCI will be bigger and better than last year. We have some exciting new developments that will be presented during the SEMA show.

Why did we start this event?

The main reason for starting this event was to support, invigorate and bring broader attention to the street car performance industry. We wanted to take advantage of the world’s largest gathering of great vehicles (SEMA) and put on a fun, safe and entertaining experience that will embrace the media and provide significant exposure value for the entire automotive enthusiast world. Importantly, since the venue is not spectator friendly, we are producing a television show that provides a high quality and entertaining experience for all to watch…..hopefully the next best thing to being there.

Why aren’t spectators allowed?

Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is essentially a fine country club for road racing enthusiasts. From a safety standpoint, the event can only support a few hundred people. We are currently at that limit with the allowances described. The OUSCI event is one of the largest events that Spring Mountain hosts. Those of you have been there may understand. There are no grandstands and there are no protective barriers surrounding the track. There is no parking as the participants and use of the lot for the autocross takes up the space. However, we do understand that many people may want to watch the event. For this year, we hope everyone can enjoy reading about the event in magazines and watching the event on TV. For next year (and we have already started) we will investigate the opportunity to host spectators. Again, sorry for any confusion. Even though the rules regarding spectators have been in place since the first event, they should have been more clearly communicated.

Why are some of the announcements so late this year?

Believe it or not, most of the main ingredients for this year’s event were planned and completed many months ago. However, during the last 45 days there have been a few key positive developments that required a delay in making some important announcements.

Why the rule changes?

Again, we apologize for any confusion. However, the only real rule change from last year is the 200 treadwear rating for tires. All other additions are clarifications to existing rules that have been communicated through various means. As much as we try to rely on everyone using their best judgment and adhering to “The Spirit of the Event” rule, human competitive nature sometimes takes over and “creative interpretation” of the rules creates controversy. As we grow, so will the rule book.

I hope I’ve addressed most of the concerns and questions with answers. Thanks for listening.

Cam Douglass

10-08-2010, 03:00 PM
Thanks for taking the time to personally address and updating the board Cam, I'm sure everyone here appreciates the very real concerns explained above and will look forward to following the event through the various media formats available....

10-08-2010, 09:41 PM
Cam, thanks for the post and appreciate the sincere apology. Candidly, I'm not sure I heard anything there that placates those that spent significant time and money arranging to attend, only to be turned away with less than 30 days to go.

I hope you appreciate my return candor, and all due respect to your efforts and the spirit of the event.