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Larry Callahan
06-15-2010, 06:48 PM
I have also attached word docs of the schedule and rules that you can download and print. See below.

2010 Motor State Challenge Competition Guidelines.

For those of you who attended last year, you will notice that the “Touring” class has been eliminated. We will do our best to match participants in groups with like skill level. There is plenty of room on track at Gingerman. With proper spacing and passing procedures, everyone will enjoy plenty of track time.

Safety Requirements: Minimum 3 point safety belts. Specific safety rules are listed on the Motor State Challenge Tech Sheet to follow. Minimum SA95 or M95 helmets are required for both driver and passengers. Minimum 200 tread wear full tread DOT legal tires are requiredfor Time Trial trophy eligibility. Slicks, grooved slicks, R compound or any sub 200 tread wear tires are allowed but not eligible for competition points. A maximum tread wear rating of 300 is recommended but not mandatory. Roll bar and racing safety harnesses are recommended for coupes and mandatory for convertibles. The Gingerman track day features road course hot laps without a speed regulating pace car. In the interest of safety, sessions will tentatively run for approximately 10 minutes each. Session duration is at the discretion of the SCCA race director. Since we're not limiting speed, we will limit track time to prevent heat related malfunctions and failures such as brake fade and excessive oil/coolant temps.

In total, the Motor State Challenge event includes the following points earning components:

1) Cruise: 5 Points for completion.
All participants who complete the cruise without vehicle failure will earn 5 points towards the Mot State Challenge competition.
2) Road Course: Points awarded for 1st thru 5th in afternoon Quick 16 Time Trial. 10 Points Max
All eligible participants will earn points based on lowest lap times of the afternoon Time Trial Competition. The Time Trial Competition will be 5 road course laps in total consisting of an "out-lap" warm-up followed by three timed laps followed by one cool down lap and pit in. Any shenanigans--driver error or otherwise--will result in a black flag and immediate disqualification from the Time Trial competition. You will not be allowed to continue with road course hot laps. Return to pits immediately. No exceptions. Safety first.
10 Points for 1st place (lowest lap time of the 3:30 to 4PM Quick 16 Time Trial Competition)
8 Points for 2nd
6 points for 3rd
4 points for 4th
2 points for 5th

3) Timed Autocross Laps: 10 Points Max
All Autocross participants will be timed. Participants will qualify for points based on LOWEST lap time.
10 Points for 1st place (lowest lap time)
8 Points for 2nd
6 points for 3rd
4 points for 4th
2 points for 5th

Example: Motor State Challenge Winner points: 25 Points maximum.
Cruise Completion: 5 points
Road Course Time Trial Lowest Lap: 10 points
Autocross Time Trial Class fastest lap: 10 points

Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie: Autocross rank will serve as the tie-breaker.

4) People's Choice Award (Independent of Timed Competition)
All in attendance will be entitled to vote once for their favorite car. There are no guidelines. Selection is purely subjective. Just pick your favorite. Please be sure to cast your vote!!

5) Long Distance Award (Independent of Timed Competition)

Always keep in mind that this is a hot rodding event--not all out, 10/10th racing. Our ultimate goal is to provide a venue for enjoyment and camaraderie. It just so happens that we collect times along the way and tally the results. Previous events have taught us that experienced, consistent drivers place well. Good equipment helps. A wide variety of cars, regardless of parts selection or power levels, have placed well in the past. Small or big block; stick or auto; air or steel spring, the equipment is really just a good excuse for a party. Drivers are the key to safe, successful competition. Excessive driving practices coupled with inexperience and/or mistakes usually lead to poor times, spinouts, broken parts—and crashes. It pains us to disallow a car for a bad battery mount, bald tire, or reckless driving. We understand that enforcement can ruin someone's day. But we will fully enforce all rules of safety and driver conduct.

7:30 AM-8 AM MSC/SCCA Staff Meeting
8:00 AM to 8:45 AM Registration and Technical /Safety Inspection

9:00 AM Drivers Meeting
9:30 AM First Cars Off – Two 10 Minute Practice Sessions For All Groups

11:30-12:30 PM -Lunch

12:30 PM to 3:30 PM Three 10 minute Qualifier Sessions

3:30 PM to 4:00 PM QUICK 16 Qualifying Times


7:30 AM-8 AM MSC/SCCA Staff Meeting
8:00 AM to 8:45 AM Registration and Drivers Meeting
9:00 AM First Car on Autocross