View Full Version : list of individual throttle bodie companys

02-20-2010, 04:20 PM
hey guys, im looking of ideas for my new induction system and i was thinking of going with EFI ITB's on my 505. iv never seen this on a pontiac and more so in a Trans Am. like some of you know im all about taking the unbeaten path when it comes to parts for my T/A and this is a bold step in that direction (for me anyways )

so i know of a few companys that offer this set up and if need be, custom for engines who never got the system. i know there are alot of companys for so the euro cars and british V8 but i need the ones that bolt on to the domestic V8's we got here if any body knows of others please post it up and with pics if possible.

1. http://www.kinsler.com/page--Home-Page--13.html

2. http://www.hilborninjection.com/