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Mike Norris
01-21-2010, 05:40 PM
Hey All,

I have been doing some traveling from time to time to different areas of the country and it seems like there is becoming more and more of a demand for it. This is not to say that there are not good tuners and calibrators in many parts of the country and I do not intend to step on any toes to say the least. With that said I figured I would post up some info folks.

For the international folks, I would need some time to get a passport in order. Just an FYI

The fees for me are quite simple. Instead of charging per vehicle it is based on time in an area plus expenses. Expenses are defined as transportation to and from the tuning area, housing accomodations and any needed rental car. A lot of times the contact person in the area will put me up at their home to cut out some of the expenses. Either way is good with me.

Initially it runs $1000 per day for the first two days plus expenses. each day after that is $500 per day plus expenses. The tuning fees do not include any dyno time it it will be the responsibility of the group hiring me to secure a dyno location and pricing. I can help in the regard if need be.

This has worked out well as most trips work out to people paying in the area of $250-300 per car for my service. Of course it can work the other way also. It all depends upon the total number of cars completed.

Most folks know that I tune mainly GM LSx vehicles. Here is a bit more of what my capabilities are. I have software to tune pretty much all LSx engine combos using a factory ECM, PCM and TCM. I can also tune other engine management systems such as FAST XFI, Accel DFI & Thruster, Big Stuff 3, Holley EFI, Motec and MSD MEFI4. If you have a system other then the ones mentioned, I can most likely take care of it as long as I know what I am getting into ahead of time and can do a little research.

For vehicles that are scheduled to be tuned and there is an issue with gaining access to tuning the vehicle, such as improper communication or locked programs, it is the customers responsibility to be sure these issues are handled.

The best way I have found to do this is to have one person as a base contact to set up and coordinate people and locations. This person would also be responsible for handling any deposits as well as collecting fees from folks. For this person I would suggest getting a $100-200 deposit so we can be sure to have folks show up and avoid those that do come in not have to pay more then what they were initially expecting.

I think this about covers everything, though I am sure I will come up with some more to add as I think this over. I am also sure folks will come up with some questions and suggestions also and I look forward to it.

Hopefully this service will help some folks out and thanks.

Mike Norris