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06-24-2009, 07:34 PM
I just wanted to publicly thank Bret and the staff at AirRide for all the hospitality we got from them on the way up to the Motor State Challenge .
Myself , Bill and Melinda Howell , Mike Strinich , Yancy and Aaron Johns , Brian Finch and Brianna , and Mark and Austin convoyed up to Michigan for the event ( By way of Jasper Indiana ).

On the way up , we stopped in Bowling Green , KY. and had lunch with Andrew Borodin ( He couldn't make it up to MI. )

When we got to Jasper , IN. , Bret and the AirRide crew gave us a great tour of AirRides facility.
It is completely amazing.
It's huge. It takes up three buildings.
The research , design , fabrication , welding , etc.. are second to none.
They really have their act together.
(They have all these neat computerized tubing benders and a computerized plasma cutter that can cut out anything you design on the computer.)

Then we got the grand tour if Bret's car collection.
( Complete with all the great AirRide Test Cars over the years and some magnesium Ford Nascar Engines he's been collecting )

Then we ate ribs and fixins that were gourmet , to say the least.
( Cooked by Craig from AirRide )

We drank some beers.

Then Brit Marolf of AirRide took us over to his garage to see his AWD Camaro project car. It's pretty amazing.
Brit's got more project cars too.

Bret also set us up at Jasper Inn , which features a completely covered / enclosed / domed pool in the center of the hotel.
The architecture in the place was amazing.
I don't see how the roof stayed up.

Jasper is a neat town.
It's right in Americas Heartland ( The Corn Belt )
It's beautiful. The corn fields go on as far as you can see. I love farm country .
The area was settled by German immigrants , so the German culture shines through.
It's very scenic.
There's a German restaurant there that I wanted to eat at , but we had to get going .We were short on time.

Also in Jasper is the HUGE Jasper Engine company.
It was kinda' neat to see that huge building and the "Jasper Engines" name on it.
And to think that is the place where all the Jasper Engines come from .
Did I say it was huge ???

There were many memorable things to see and experience in Jasper .

Then , when we left Jasper Friday morning ,
Rodney and Greg from AirRide led us on a beautiful scenic route through Northern Indiana's hilly stone quarry / state parks area.
( Rodney was in AirRide's '66 Chevelle , Greg was in "'Velocity" )
That area is as beautiful as the Smokies.

So , Bret , Thanks for having us in Jasper and adding something beautiful and memorable to our trip.

It's like Bill Howell said.
It's not only the destination , but the the things you see while traveling that are important.

Bret , you certainly gave us a good memory.

06-25-2009, 05:27 AM
Thanks for starting this Jeff.

This was one of the best car events I have ever attended and the ART stop was a key piece to the whole experience. They were even nice enough to throw my car on the scales and tweak in the cross weights.

My experience with them has always been excellent and they're just a great group of good people.

Thanks again Bret and team, I will be seeing you later today.

06-25-2009, 06:30 AM
Very cool, I really want to check out thier facility some day, I heard it's pretty damn cool.

I like Air Ride because they absolutly beat the snot out of their cars.

06-29-2009, 10:52 AM
Jeff, it is interesting to hear you describe the things in Jasper, and Indiana, that we take for granted by living here every day.
I'm glad you enjoyed the trip, the tour, and the eats. All the people here are very proud of what we do and are always proud to show it off to everyone possible. Some of them don't get a chance to see where our efforts and products actually end up to its a treat for them as well.

Now, if we had a real racetrack here it really would be paradise. Maybe next year!

David Pozzi
06-29-2009, 02:35 PM
Sounds like Mary and I really missed out! We'll make it there some day for sure.

06-30-2009, 04:34 AM
Sounds like Mary and I really missed out! We'll make it there some day for sure.

Maybe next year !!