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05-19-2009, 06:08 AM
I just want to say thanks to all the participants for coming out to this event.
I was a little nervous that it would get rained out and no one would come. Or that no one would enjoy the activities we had planned.
I hope everyone had a good time.

Like I've said before , an event like this (in it's infancy) needs a lot of help/participation to grow.
But , the Pro-touring members are the best car club people out there. We are like a big family.We all have similar interests.

In a way , everyone is a paying customer. And I hope they got a good value for what they paid for .
In another way , we are all members of a "club". And that requires voluntary participation in avery aspect of the event , to make it all happen.
So , everyone participates in the events and volunteers to help with the set-up , cornerworkers , etc....
Kinda like the Boy Scouts or something.
The fees everyone paid are just a nominal amount to rent the venues , and reimburse some of the costs.
The event is just an excuse to hang out and have a good time with people you have something in common with.

So , I just want to thank everyone for coming in for the event and spending your hard earned money to finance the effort.

We'll do it again next year and make it even better.

Bill Howell
05-19-2009, 03:27 PM
Great explaination Jeff, and much needed info for everyone.
These events seldom pay for themselves. Everyone needs to participate in them if they can and be sure to pay your fair share at them. I know people are always wanting a new event at a venue near them, then always come up with an excuse why they can not or will not attend. This kills the "promoter" as most of the expenses of putting on a show are fixed and can does not change if someone doesn't show or pay.
Static car shows are simple. Find a location, buy a few trophies and have a show. Collect entry fees and always make a buck or two. Our type shows are much more expensive (ie insurance, renting lots, tracks, etc) and can not have 200 racers, just not enough time in the day to get enough runs in for the entry fee to be a good deal. So, that is why we cut off registrations at a certain point. If you reserve a spot, then don't show or pay you have cut someone else out of having fun and the promoter out if much needed cash.
Remember, always support events you can attend and throw an extra $10 to the guys putting it on, they will appreciate it.

Jeff, you and David did great on your first event, and I look forward to seeing you there again next year.

05-19-2009, 05:36 PM
Thanks Bill.

David Sloan
05-20-2009, 03:55 AM
Thank you Bill!
Being our 1st event, an being as nervous as we were, leading up to this.
It all went away Saturday at the drag strip when i saw The grins on Wayne,Payton,Ron,Andrew an the rest of the guys an girls that were there smiling from ear to ear:).
That made it all worth while!
Thank you All so much!!