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05-13-2009, 05:34 AM
Hey everybody , I thought I'd post the cruise directions :
I'll try to get a map posted.
I have a map made , but need to figure out how to post the image.

Cruise Directions

From Paradise Dragstrip turn left on Hwy 225, go 1 mile (you will pass under I-75)
Turn right on Newtown Church Road, go 3.2 miles (thru 4-way stop at Newtown Road, Cross over Hwy 156 (Red Bud Road)
Turn left on Dews Pond Road, go 2.2 miles
Veer left onto Love Bridge Road at Antioch Baptist Church, go 4.5 miles.
Turn right on Cash Road, go 2 miles.
Turn left on Cash Road again, (there will be a Sunoco station on the left) Ė go 3.2 miles and cross Hwy 53
Cash Road becomes Folsom Road after you cross Hwy 53, go 3.9 miles then Folsom Road ends.
Turn right on County Line Road #2, go .7 miles
Turn left on Spring Place Road, go 2.3 miles
Turn left on Hwy 140 East, go 4.7 miles, and cross Hwy 411
Continue on Hwy 140 East 11.7 miles, you will cross Hwy 108 @ a 4-way stop, and go 6.3 more miles
Turn left on the North Hwy 5 Connector, go .8 miles
Turn left on Riverstone Blvd, go .5 miles
Turn right into Riverstone Shopping Center, (you will see a Home Depot on the left side before this turn.)

We will be passing Tate Cemetery, in the community of Sonoraville, on Folsom Road. If you wish to be a tourist, you can stop and take pictures at the gravesite of Jelvis. You canít miss his tombstone, it is the only one facing the wrong way.

LOST???? Ė call David Sloan @ 678-873-6578
or Jeff Tate @ 678-431-1417

05-13-2009, 06:40 AM
Let me try it this way :

05-13-2009, 09:50 AM
I've got maps made.
I'm just gonna' print a bunch and bring them with me .

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That's "Jeff-Elvis".
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That's "Jeff-Elvis".
My nickname. LOL
Why? :dunno:


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I've asked you NOT to show that picture in public !
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Better, angry boy?

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