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03-02-2005, 06:08 PM
A great warmup for the year for those in the north.

The day is Friday, April 8th. Cost is $100 - $120 depending on turnout, but not more than $120. Three sessions will run. Session 1 is street cars and novice, session 2 is karts and bikes (together - in 7 years there has never been a problem with it), and session 3 is expert and race prepped cars (everything from a Viper to a Spec Racer Ford). Don't want to bring your PT out yet or not ready, bring a street car and run session 1 or 3. 20 minute sessions for 8 sessions total is 2:40 of track time. Please no novices (at least some racing experience is needed) as there are no instructors and minimal course workers and track pickup. Sprint karts and >80cc shifters only (ie no Briggs, etc. as speed differential is too great).

Will post official info when it comes out the 2nd week of March. I run my shifter kart, but thought it would be a nice change of pace to see some real cars running the day, not just Neons and RX-7's.

Salt Racer
03-02-2005, 07:46 PM
Oooohh, finally someone other than West coast dudes is using this section like I intended when I brought up the idea to Ralph!! I'm shedding a tear of joy as I type.

Looks like that'll be fun. Cheap and lots of track time too. Have fun!!

03-04-2005, 08:25 AM
Here is the official info from the organizer.

In the past, we have had over 25 participants each time with everybody raving asking for the next one. This is a relative inexpensive day which guarantees you more then 2 hours of track time with minimal traffic. See the details below. For you racers, this is a great, safe opportunity to shake down your car prior to the season or let the crew drive your car for all the hard work they do.

Date: Friday, April 8, 2005

Loc: Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI

Cost: $100 registration prior to March 24 (2 weeks prior)

$120 (if payment received March 24 - April 7)

$130 April 8 (at track)

Cash or Check only. Check payable to " D-Tek Enterprises". No checks made out to me.


This note is going out to a list of possible participants. If interested, please respond to this email with name, vehicle, experience (if you have not attended before), work phone, home phone and cell/pager. If you would like to invite friends, please have them contact me first so I can learn about their experience. Please let me know though if you are not interested or can not attend. I will then remove you from the list.


You then need to send me your deposit - amount dependent on when received. This ensures your spot for the day. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit that is due prior to the event. The reason this is done is so that at the last minute, everybody is not backing out and I am forced to pay for the track all myself. This deposit pays for your Track Time. You are responsible for your own car, gas, liability etc.... There are only so many spots available per group as we do not want to many cars. First in with the money, guarantee's your spot. If your group is already filled, I will not take your money, but I will put you on the wait list.


This event is limited to 3 groupings.

Group 1: Street Cars & Amateurs

Group 2: Shifter Karts, Motorcycles and Karts

Group 3: Racecars. People with much track experience & quick cars.

Group 4: Open Wheel Racecars

Track Time:

Track hours are usually 8:30 to 5:00 depending weather & daylight

You can get lunch at any time - your responsibility

4 Groupings will yield 20 minutes of track time per hour (over 2 hours of track time)

Rental Agreement & Waiver's

Once at the track, before you will be allowed to go out, you will be required to sign 3 forms:

1 Waiver for D-Tek Enterprises

1 Waiver for Gingerman Limited

1 Rental Agreement

Payment Address:

Dennis Lex

D-Tek Enterprises

1113 Lawndale

Royal Oak, MI 48067

Event Cancellation

This event will happen RAIN or SHINE. There will be NO refunds.

Contact Information (if questions)

Dennis Lex (DLEX)

cell 313-492-8250

email [email protected] (if using yahoo or hotmail account, please call as I will not receive email)