View Full Version : Rear body panel, 69 Camaro

08-21-2004, 05:07 PM
Dang it! I just got ready to drop my 69 off the rotisserie and ran into a new snag.

There is a long story behind my car, but to make it short, a shop has installed many new body panels.

They put new quarters on the car and filled the gap between the quarters and lower rear body panel. It was cracking so I decided to dig it out and clean it out while upside down.

Well....I started picking at it, and picking at it, and after I dug out about a gallon of bondo I decided to replace the panel.

Here is the question. I don't see any point in changing the whole panel (tail lights and all). I have cut it out right at the bumper line and noticed you can only buy complete panels (that would need to be cut down) from NPD.

Any input on this?

I had to take get the car on the ground so that I had access to the bumper mounting area to cut this panel out.

08-21-2004, 08:56 PM
Hi Chris, yes unfortunatley they don't sell the parts separately. You know if you buy the whole part and cut out what you don't need you maybe able to find someone here to buy it from you...from this site...in the for sale section...ok ok I may need the upper section. Make me good deal???? Vince

08-22-2004, 02:05 AM
Okay Mr. Quick,

I will get the panel, trim it down and install. Post pics.

If the left over part is what you need, then we can figure out a quick inexpensive way to get that to you.

What bites the big one, is I just finished cleaning, prepping, and shooting the entire inside of the truck in bed liner textured spray. That includes the inside of the rear panel around the tail lights, etc. "IF" I decide to rip the whole panel out.....I have to go back and grind through the textured spray to get a good surface for spot welding, etc....

BTW, There was NO rust in this panel. Just some major collision damage of some kind. They had drilled a couple dozen holes in it to pull it out and get a bonding surface.

Here is the funny part. My memory obviously fails me, as I am finding bondo between the factory finish, and the paint job we put on it in 1985, then...there is more filler on top of that under the grey primer that was on the whole car when I found it and brought it home.