View Full Version : Edelbrock 1st Gen Pro-Flow & LC-1 Wideband Integration

09-30-2008, 05:27 PM
I recently acquired a nice resto-mod and need some assistance installing an Innovate wideband O2 to work with the Edelbrock ECU so I can do some fine tuning. Please tell me if this is correct..

1. Edelbrock O2 sensor harness has 3 wires
A. Black is ground?
B. Purple is ECU analog narrow band signal?
C. Orange is engine running 12V?

Can I hook up the LC-1 brown narrow band simulation to the Purple Edelbrock wire?

Is the orange wire a switched 12V wire and if so can I use this as my power source for the LC-1?

If black is ground, then I assume I can connect the LC-1 green & white wires to this?

I would hook up the other remaining wires to the LC-1 wideband guage, ground, etc. What I want to do is simulate the narrow band output to the Pro-flow system and then also have the true wideband measurement so I can do some fine tuning.