View Full Version : Hello again New Guy/ Regal with a 455 Buick

08-31-2008, 08:06 AM
Hello again Fellow G-body Owners

I registered a while back ,back then I thought my ride would driveable enough to enjoy it, not till this summer I havent, now it runs and drives 10 times better than it did.

Its a 1982 Buick Regal in 87 sheetmetal,powered by a Big Block Buick 455, pretty much stock,with the exception of Headers,and a 870cfm Qjet on a Edelbrock dual-plane intake.

Its backed up by a 200R4 BRF code (GN) trans, going a GN driveshaft toa GN 8.5 rear with 3.42 posi.

Duals 2.5" with Flowmaster Super44"s with turndowns before the rear axle.

The suspension is pretty much stock,with exception of poly front and rear with GN front and rear swaybars,and the faster ratio steering gear box from a GN.

Rolling stock are GN 15x7 rims in 4 corners, with 205/60/15 tires up front and 275/60/15's in the rear.

As it sits,it runs strong and pulls around 18-20mpg.

Recently my wife and I have been frenquenting the Gatlinburg TN area and agreed that the minivan on those awesom twisted roads just aint cuttin it.

I have thought over the years this set up would be nice to go cruzin in but the combo lacked a good feel for the road.

I just aquired a set of 245/50/16 tires for free, pretty decent shape too...I guess it's a start there.


08-31-2008, 11:33 AM
Welcome aboard Chris. I am glad to hear the car is finally running so good for you.