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06-29-2008, 09:33 PM
I bought this 1968 camaro about 7 years ago and I never applied for a lost title till now. It's been a project car mainly and know that it's almost finish im trying to obtain a title. I tried contacting my DMV in Texas and they keep saying it's an invalid VIN number. Can anyone tell me my acutal VIN number and tell me where to run the VIN to make sure its not stolen before I apply for a lost title? Also the hidden vin numbers I found under the cowl vent and next to the blower motor are


This is the one on the firewall 6812437nor109677

I also included a picture. Please help if possible, Thank you for taking the time in reading my post. If you can decode the vin that would be helpful also! Thank you

06-30-2008, 03:16 AM
The pic is of the trim tag -- the VIN is not listed there.

Believe on a 68 the VIN tag will be on the dashboard, but it may be on the top of the cowl or the driver's door jamb.

The VIN is likely 12x378N409408 (where x is either 3 or 4) based on the trim tag and the partial VIN you found under the vent.

If your VIN tag is missing, it is likely that Texas will want to assign the car a new state-issued VIN - even with the partial VIN.

06-30-2008, 04:38 AM
Whats step are needed to get this done? Im kinda lost on doing this whole lost title. With the partial Vin how hard will it be to get a title? Can I still you a company like Broadway title? Is there a way to run a vin check and just sub in the 3 or 4 for the x ---->
(12x378N409408) and see what i can come up with? What site can I run the vin check on. Thanks again

06-30-2008, 05:19 AM
Do you have a VIN tag at all? With no tag, Texas will require a state-issued VIN; that's what they did to me when my old stolen 65 Chevelle was recovered even though I had a valid title to the car and they knew it was mine.

I don't know what hoops you'll have to jump through if you're not the registered owner. I do know that some states have invalidated titles that Broadway and companies like that have obtained so I can't really recommend that route -- while Texas isn't one of them, the risk is too high.

Either way, the next step is likely to contact the Tx DOT. The Vehicle Title and Registration folks are at 512-465-7611. Please let us know what they say.

06-30-2008, 05:32 AM
I'll give them a call today and see what they say. Thanks for the number are you also located in Texas??

06-30-2008, 05:40 AM
I am; I live in Mesquite (east of Dallas).

06-30-2008, 08:36 AM
Hey, I gave them a call and this is what they told me. TXDOT (512-465-7611) said if I could not find a VIN on my car I would need to try and get a vin reassigned to my car and at the same time I would have apply for a bonded title. Since I live in Victoria, TX TXDOT direct me to Corpus Christi number (361-808-2600) The lady didn't want to give me to much information, she just said I need to take things one step at a time. The partial VIN was not enough to go on and neither was the body tag. I would now have to go to the tax office and get a from 68A to get my car inspected by someone from my DPS in the theft department to see if they can find a confidental VIN. Thay way they can try and locate some type of record of my car and make sure its not stolen. Since im in Iraq right now I have to give my fiance a call and see if she will pick up the forms and call the DPS. Thats it so far, I will try and keep you up dated as much as possible.

07-25-2008, 06:41 PM
a typical '68 VIN looks like this:
VIN: 124378L301609
Here is the decode:
1=Chevrolet, 2=Camaro, 4=V8, 3=Hardtop, 7=2 Door Coupe, 8=1968, L=Van Nuys, 301609=1,609th Camaro built in Van Nuys in 1968.

From your trim tag you can see you have a coupe built in Van Nuys, so your VIN will be:
124378L****** if originally equiped with V8 or
123378L****** if originally equiped with 6.

The sequential number on the trim tag (109677 in your case) is NOT the sequential VIN number, it is a sequential body number from Fisher, and not related to VIN.

You can, however, get the sequential number from your VIN from either the original block if it hasn't been decked, or, in many cases, the original transmission.

Do you have either? If not, i would call back with the 409408 number, so your VIN would be:
124378L409408 if originally a V8 car or
123378L409408 if originally a 6 cyl car.

Good luck and hope you return home safely!

10-12-2008, 03:28 PM
I finally got a title and I cant wait to get my 68 camaro on the road! Ill have to start posting new updates.. Thanks for the help everyone