View Full Version : What can I use from a 96 Z-28 on my 68 Camaro?

02-09-2005, 09:56 AM
Well, I don't know if it is because I am real cheap or I like something diffferent, but I am starting a 68 Camaro project and wanted to use all the parts from a doner 96 Z-28 on this restofication. I am of course using the LT-1 and auto tran, but what about the suspension, brakes, rear end, dash(that would be kewl)? I haven't gotten out my trusty tape yet to check any measurments, but just in the thought stages.
I am also a newbie here, but already found many helpful tips and trick to use so continue to let the info flow.

02-09-2005, 10:21 AM
Well you can definetly use the rear disc brakes for a conversion, check out camaroboy69 interior that will let you see whats possible with the interior.

02-09-2005, 01:45 PM
You can use the brakes front and rear, motor, tranny, seats, console, the dash will fit, it has been done using a Firebird dash. There is probablyu a lot of little nick knacks that could be used as well.


02-09-2005, 09:34 PM
I like cheap and different! I am doing exactly as you are planning. I have a 65 Impala SS that I am building up with parts from my donor 96 Camaro SS. Most of these modifications are very involving, but this is a low budget build up so that is why I chose this route. Here is the beginning of the list of Camaro parts used: Besides the usual engine/tranny/wiring..etc, I have also installed the k-member w/ front suspension, brake booster & mc, air conditioning & heating system, radiator & fans, steering column, dash (1/2 done), and wiper motor assembly. I have plans for a lot of other parts as I progress. If your fabrication skills are up to it, along with some creativity and a lot of ingenuity there's not much you can't accomplish. I say go for it! Good luck!


02-09-2005, 11:12 PM
I opted to start with a shell of a 68 Camaro(rolling body, no front metal) and title for $250 and install all new sheetmetal. Trying to build it for around $10,000 and do everything myself. I will post some pic as soon as I get back home(currently in Iraq fighting terrorism with 1 month left on my sentence hahaha). I am leaning toward swapping the dash, brake, suspension, rear end with suspension, heating & a/c, center console, rims, and maybe a few small things like interior lights and stuff.

Hey 68BNUT, where is Bedford, Tx? I am in Moody, Tx, south of Waco.

02-10-2005, 05:03 AM
Pretty much everything on the interior can be used and every single part everyone already mentioned. Even the computer, wiring, anything you can think of someone will buy or you can use.
I used 2002 Trans am dash, console and other interior goods in my Camaro. All 4th gen interior including seats. (VBgarage shows more)Dont forget to grab the crossmember and all the little electronic components from the car that plug into the tranny and the engine. We are always trying to find those parts. Grab the rear end too if thats in good shape.
Is that Z28 crashed? If not would it be better to just sell that car then take the money and buy the stuff you want like the Camaro goodies? Is it equiped with T-Tops?

02-10-2005, 05:25 AM
It was a good running higher mileage car, not wrecked. It was just cheaper to buy a whole car than to buy the drivetrain piece by piece. Also, my wife has a 96 Z-28 that I have upgraded alot and I have a shop full of spare parts so that helps some.
The "donor" was a hard top car that ran good with no real problems but the seats and carpet were kind of worn out. I basically just wanted a 68 camaro that is really a 4th gen Z-28. I do have all stock deluxe interior that I will use for the 68 look and upgrade with newer dash and console/shifter. Yea the rear is a upgraded 4:11 with some after market goodies(axles, c-clip eliminator, brakes)

02-10-2005, 05:29 AM
You pretty much had the same idea and thought process as I did. I used to own a 1996 Formula with LT1 and 6 speed. My buddy had a 96 Camaro with LT1 and 6 speed. I fell in love with the interior and the way it felt to be inside the Formula interior compared to the new camaro interiorso I decided that was what I wanted in my Camaro but I went with 2002 since it was even more new. The dash is what had the largest impact of my decision. I really really like the look of the Firebird dash over the camaro but thats just my preference. The round air vents just look soo nice IMO.
The most amazing thing is when I get into my Camaro now it really really has the feel of my 1996 Formula but with more power and a lot louder. :)
Amazing how just updating the interior to modern can change the feel of an old car. I rode in the Camaro for 9 hours when I was on the final branch of the power tour last year and I never got uncomfortable. My girlfriend never did either. Power lumbar is a must!

Steve Chryssos
02-10-2005, 06:54 AM
Power Lumber. That's what they call me. Oh no, wait--that's wrong.... My wife wakes me up in the middle of the night and says "SHUT UP BUZZSAW! Go blow your nose!" I knew it had something to do with wood.

02-10-2005, 07:18 AM
woodman13 Bedford is in the metroplex right smack in the middle

02-10-2005, 08:43 AM
Camaroboy69, now that I see your seats in your car I am thinking i need to upgrade to pwr leather factory seats from a 4th gen instead of the stock deluxe 68 seats.

I wonder if my wife would be mad if I swap seats with her 96 Z-28 and my 68? lol

02-10-2005, 09:56 AM
I highly recommend it. That was one of the things that made me hate driving my car was the original seats. I was lucky if I could sit in there for an hour before I got uncomfortable. Now with the 4th gen I dont think I could ever get uncomfortable. I was convinced of that after the power tour (shower tour) last year. My girlfriend just leaned the seat back on the way home and went to sleep while I drove. :)
They were the easiest items that I installed on my Camaro. Almost a direct bolt in for the front seats but the back took a little more work. You could even leave your rear bench in the car and just replace the front seats if you wanted. I hardly ever use the rear but installed them just to be different. My brother and sister have rode back there a few times and a few of my friends. I have folded the back seat down several times. The power tour, Woodward, and the dragstrip because I needed somewhere to put one of the drag slicks. I also used it when I got groceries and a lot of plants and yard goodies. That pic was also posted somewhere on the old site.

02-11-2005, 01:06 PM
I was curious if a 4th gen steering column could be made to work. :firefire:

02-14-2005, 12:13 PM
Im sure it could. Most anything can be done with a car. By now someone has probably already done this.