View Full Version : HELP!!I Need Info On Frame Measurments Wayne Due Sub.

05-11-2008, 07:49 AM
I have a C4 wayne due subframe that i am looking to sell. Right now it is currently in the for sale section. What I need is info for body mounts on a 1st gen Camaro, Or if the measurments I will have look like they are the same. My buddy has a 72 Camaro and i was able to do some quick measurments on his car and they were pretty close to what i have on the subframe. Here are the measurments:

C4 Subframe measurments: (all are approx.)

31.5-32" Rear frame mount to front body mount
40.5" Front body mount to core support mount
34" Rear mount width hole center/center
37" Outside frame width
37.5" Core support mount width hole center/center
43" Front body mount width hole center/center
31.5" Between frame rails (will be different on stock frame)

Keep in mind these numbers are good to within 1/4"-1/2" most are dead on. Its hard to do by yourself. I really hope someone can help me out here I seem to be getting a lot of people telling me this is a 1st gen frame. It was sold to me from someone on here a couple of years ago as a 2nd gen frame. This frame i had to cut out the core area for my 78 camaros radiator support to fit and had to redrill the rear 2 frame mounts 2" forward to bolt up. Right now technically speaking this frame is set up for late 2nd gen camaro as well. I was successful in bolting in the core support and rough mounting my fender in place and the tire sits basically in the middle where it needs to. Here are some pics to see what it looks like.