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02-06-2005, 05:39 AM
Wonder if anyone knows where to find the best deals on throttle bodies, fuel rails, injectors, etc for converting a 4 barrel intake to fuel injection.
I know we have some real bargin hunters in here.

02-06-2005, 06:31 AM
I have found some unbelievable bargains through ls1tech

02-06-2005, 09:15 AM

Very good prices on rails and bungs. Chris did my coversion.

Jimmy Sean
02-06-2005, 01:22 PM
The www.megasquirt.info site has some good info also.

From that site.

"Injector Bungs

You can get information on injector bungs for port injectors by checking out www.sdsefi.com for injector/manifold installation information, along with lots of other great information. The bungs are 0.530"-0.535" inside diameter [about 17/32" or 13.5 mm]. The fuel supply lines for the top of the injectors are the same size. "

"MSD and others have an “Epoxy-In Pocket” fuel injector bung as PN 2120 (set of 8). Holley also offers them as pn 534-83 for a four pack (~$50), 534-84 for a pack of six (~$72), or 534-85 for a pack of eight (~$94).

These bungs can be held in place with epoxy or welded and is used for fixed fuel rail systems only. These bungs are CNC-machined from aluminum for precise dimensions and have a ¾” OD. Internally, the pockets are contoured to accept the bottom sealing O-ring of a standard injector. MSD also has “Thread-In Pockets”. The aluminum pockets will screw into a ¾”–16 hole and are supplied with a #8 O-ring to seal the pocket to the manifold. PN 2125 gets a set of 8.

Fuel Rails

Most injector systems will use one or more fuel rails. These serve two functions: they supply fuel to a multiple number of injectors (4 on a 4 cylinder, for example), and they physically locate the tops of the injectors. Most OEM rails can be made to work with standard engine configurations, but if you are doing a custom conversion you may have to fabricate fuel rails. Many place supply blank aluminum fuel rail extrusions in whatever length you need. One example is http://www.rossmachine.com/. They have two styles of fuel rail extrusion. They can also create custom fuel rails for you, with the injector holes placed to suit you.

The extrusion comes in two sizes:

Dash 10 (.800" Bore) - $12/foot, and
Dash 6 (.500" Bore) - $10/foot.
The extrusion itself is made from high quality aircraft quality 6063 aluminum.

For fabricating fuel rails, MSD has “Fuel Delivery Top Mounts”, PN 2115, set of 8. These fuel delivery mounts are CNC machined from #304 stainless steel for great durability and precise dimensions. They slide over ½” steel tubing (MSD PN 2205) then are brazed or TIG welded in place to form a fuel rail. Fuel is routed through a 5/16” hole aligned to the mount and the injector. The PN 2105 Fuel Rail Clip is required for assembly. Their “Stainless Steel Fuel Tubing”, PN 2205, comes in 2 four feet lengths of 304 stainless steel tubing, and is perfect for making custom fixed rails. The seamless tubing has a ½” OD and .035” wall."