View Full Version : Where to start??

01-04-2008, 07:32 PM
I have a 79 malibu that i would like to get the a/c working again. My heater - a/c box had damage to it so i replaced it with one from a mid 80's monte ss, which is about the same. I used a serpentine belt set-up off an 93 caprice police car, with all acc. including compressor. I would like to use the caprice condensor, the lines are on the pass. side where the malibu is on the drivers side, to help clean things up under the hood. What should i do for hoses? Since the evaporator and accumulator are different on both donor cars no factory line will hook up. Should i start with a caprice hose and change an end or two or just start out with a custom hose? Is there anything i'm over looking? Will i have any trouble once i get things all connected being from two different a/c systems?

Thanks Jason