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01-20-2005, 03:08 PM
I have been creepin around here for awhile and finally made some time to post. My name is Jeff
I live up in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin...
I am currently in the middle of two projects...

The first is a 74 formula firebird (The beater)
Which will be a nice car when done...It will be my daily summer driver. It has a pontiac 400 soon to be .04 over. forged TRW pistons. CAT rods, Ported 6X heads, edelbrock intake and this spring I am adding a throttle body injection set up. Should be an easy 400hp at the crank...
Not bad for a daily driver :-). As far as the rest.
It has Global west lowering springs. 17" Centerline billet wheels. a Tremec TKO 5speed, Factory rear disc posi rear end from a WS6 Trans Am.

Then there is project Blackbird....
It is a 1976 Trans Am...
That is being built as a Viper slayer.
It is ever changing as new things come out...
Or if I run across a really sweet deal..
Such as...I originaly purchase a set of American racing hopsters (17x9.5"275 Fronts and 17x11" 315 rears) But then found a set of CCW's Classic 3pc. polished 18x9.5" 275 fronts and 18x13" 335 rears wraped with michelin pilot sports for $1500 and they look like new! So I might use the american racing wheels with race rubber for track days.
I have a currie ford 9" with the polished alum center section that was a bolt in for 2nd gens.
But,With the new rear meats I will have to mini tub and might go to a 3 link so this might be up for sale.
This car will also have a 400 but..
Edelbrock Alum heads. Eagle rods, Ross pistons,
Full fuel injection with a intercooled supercharger,
Want to have about doulbe the horse power of the other car.
It will be sporting a ZF 6speed trans. I found a couple places on the net that claim they can build these for 750+ ft. lbs of torque :jawdrop:

Has anyone heard anything about the Art Morrison Max G chassis ?....I am thinking if this is the route to go...Full frame and a cage for all that power.

Well, I hope that I didn't bore you rambeling on here...But these cars are too much fun!


Ralph LoGrasso
01-20-2005, 06:03 PM
Hey Jeff,

Welcome to the site!! I'd recommend two things on the '76 project blackbird. I would switch your wheel /tire suggested uses around. I'd use the CCW for track days, as those wheels are built by CCW with race use in mind, where as the American racing wheels I would think would be built with a little more of a street use in mind. A ton of guys run Michelin P. Sports on the track and love them, I'm planning on running my car on both the track and street on mine.

Also, for the trans, I've heard that parts for the ZF6speeds can be really expensive, and rare? As another option, consider looking at G-Force modded T56's. They can be built to be super strong (actual ratings are on their site, I think it's 850 ft. lbs TQ). www.g-forcetransmissions.com

01-20-2005, 06:42 PM
Thanks Ralph,
I picked up the ZF for $750...I have not contacted them on the rebuild price yet so I will keep that in mind.
I originaly purchased the TKO for the Trans Am. At the time it was the strongest.

Here are some pics.

The formula before the lowering springs.
And the Trans Am before the Resto-mod began.

01-20-2005, 07:30 PM
Seems to be a popular alternative! I've had this car since new and decided a little over a year ago that I either needed to rebuild it or sell it. Obviously you can see which option won out. Had only 48K miles but was showing its age (aren't we all) with a 70's era pearl and aqua laquer flip-flop paint. Was pictured in Popular Hotrodding in Nov of 1977.

Currie rear, Tremec 5-speed, Bill Mitchell 454, Baers, Budnik Tillers (285s on 17 x 10s in the rear), Global West tubular lowers, energy suspension, Hotchiks springs, shaved door handles, smoothed firewall, Viper Red, and other cool stuff. Full rotisserrie resto-mod.

01-25-2005, 02:37 PM
Great to see more birds on here, especially second gens. Your projects look awesome, i have a 74 also that I am going to be making a daily driver out of and will be going with a 455 and an overdrive auto.

01-25-2005, 05:47 PM
welcome, good to see more 2nd gens I have a 79 WS6 455,TKO 5 speed and I'm just puting in a 9" ( me built) and stock car wilwood brakes :bananna2: