View Full Version : Turkey Rod Run REDICULOUS

11-26-2007, 11:18 PM
My apologies for the vent, but here goes...

Hopefully Frank & some of the other attendees will jump in on this- but I gotta ask a big WTF???

Did everybody drive their for-sale rigs in, then add an extra 10K just because there were a few decent cars there??

Wow- to me, the show was weak this year, and the asking prices were a joke. Yeah- in the long run it helps me, having 3 first-gens, but an extra 10-15k?? puuuh-lleeeeeze.

I tried to talk to a guy (seriously trying to buy it, I brought cash) about a 65 Malibu- pretty, but needed serious detail work & was about 1/2 as striaght as he thought. My brothers and I are trying to build a 65 'Bu for my step-dad; that was his last non-truck Hot Rod. He's done A LOT for our family- so you get where we're going with this. We did the whole car-surprise thing with Mom back in 94, so now it's his turn. OK- enough rambling...

Guy wouldn't budge. Wanted 18.5 (was worth maybe 10 in a cash-carrying arena), and wouldn't move on it (Sat afternoon). I think more and more guys are bringing their crap out just so they can say (I turned down $xxxxx; I'll never sell it). What a bunch of crap. Leave it at home & let somebody who is serious about selling use the space.

11-27-2007, 07:58 AM
My brother went and commented the same way...people need to lay down the pipe! :help!: :smoke:

11-27-2007, 08:01 AM
Prices were up at Moultry and Turkey Run this year. But nothing is selling. Like you, I am both happy and sad about the high prices. Owning a few cars ourselves, it is nice to know people are not blowing out (sell cheap) their Hot Rods, which ultimatly helps preserve the values of our cars. But man it makes it hard to buy something also.

I thought the stuff on the show field was weak also, but I always have had more fun at night anyway. We never even put the cars inside the show, raising a little hell and cruising Saturday night was much better then walkiing the swap meet. Michael and I, he in Prodigy, me in the street racer was able to have some "fun". We would never break any laws or do anything stupid (uh hum, clears throat), But I will tell ya at a 10MPH roll, the little small block street racer was breathing pretty hard trying to run down the big 540 in Prodigy! And that was a hell of a lot more fun then sitting on a show field! And it was sure a hell of a lot more fun loping through Belair plaza, and even parking there, then sitting on a show field.

I am thinking next years Turkey Tour needs to be a night time show!

11-27-2007, 08:39 PM
I think you nailed it on the head though- I need to get my freakin ride done so I can enjoy the actual cruises, etc- vice the swap-meets (where I don't need anything anyway). My only goals this year were to say hi to you guys (anybody hanging out around the prodigy posse), and go give some love to the DSE guys. Well- Italked to the DSE guys, then the rain (and complaints from others) came, so that was enough for me.

PS- Framk, I did get your response on the Wilwood and Moser stuff; I'll call ya so we can sort it all out. Funny thing was, I knew that about the alum case... dooooooooooooh! Talk to ya soon...