View Full Version : Prologger wide band system. Opinions please.

Adam's 55 Chevy
09-22-2007, 02:59 AM
A guy at the track was running a Prologger wide band data retrival system http://www.prologger.com/default.asp (http://www.prologger.com/default.asp) on his F3 powered 555ci Chevy street legal race car. This runs 8.4 seconds on block tread street tires. A friend of mine crews for him and didn't really have enough time to speak to me about it apart from say it was the dogs danglies as far as wide band systems go. Not only does it record A/F values during a run but with an additional sensor bleeds off boost if it detects a lean condition, missed shift (too much rpm) etc. Has anyone had first hand experience of this set up and can offer opinions on it?
Thank you