View Full Version : Q-jet guys (not a fantasy question)

08-29-2007, 11:13 PM
I got a q-jet from a member (knowing it was modded) and it runs awsome since a few tweeks but for the Idle. I have to have the idle screw set so high that it uncovers the trasition slots thus rendering the idle circuit useless. And has runn on just like a holley would.

I tore it down to drill out the ilde air bypass to .100 from .093 in the throttle plate. I did this and then noticed the main body to throttle plate gasket didnt have the Idle air bypass even punched into it on one side. I punched that out then niticed that some one jb welded the Idle air bypass holes in the main body. So I cleaned out the JBweld. Im sure I have Idle fixed but my question is Why the heck would someone eliminate the Idle Air bypasses???

The member I bought it off of said a proffesional 4x4 Off road shop modded it for rock crawling.

Im not mad at the seller at all and hope I dont come off that way. The carb runs awsome sept for the Idle issue.