View Full Version : Brakes for Ford 9"

12-27-2004, 01:50 PM
Hey guys!! I am in the prosses of installing a Ford 9" in my 62 Bel Air. When I got the rear end the brakes were missing from one side and the drum was busted on the other. So I was wondering what would be my best bet (and cheapest), Disks or Drums? The rear end is out of a 77 pickup with the big bearing ends. Another problem is the "stub" in the center of the axle flange is bigger than the hole in the center of my wheels, so I will probably have to turn that down, but doesnt that center up the drum or rotor??? I was have heard about Explorer rear disks, is this a simple swap? will this work with my rear? I have a freind who has the whole rear disk setup off of an older lincoln with a 9", would that work? Or should I just try to find a drum setup off another rear?? Are disks really worth the hassell?? If I do switch to rear disks I will have to switch the front as well, but I have been planing on that anyway. Anyone have any good and cheap Ideas????

01-01-2005, 12:34 PM
the drums would be the simplest, just pull another set off a junk truck but who wants those things.

look into stock car (circle track) rear brake setups, for the cheapest discs. alot of these guys use metric calipers and impala style discs with a bracket from stock car products or similar company. with this setup there wont be a provision for an emergency brake.

could also use 93-97 or 98-2001 camaro discs, watch the tube diameter on the rear end, you may have to modify the mounting brackets to work with the 9" but the e brake should be useable.

for the center hub on the axle, i had the same problem, just turned it down while i had the studs out of the axle. we measured the thickness of the brake drum and left a step in it to seat the brake drum but not interfer with the wheel mounting. ( at the time i was running the car @ the strip and wasnt as concerned with rear discs, stopping @ the dragstrip is primarily all front brakes after the car takes a nose dive with light front springs and shocks)

the lincoln brakes are very heavy, very large, and very expensive, a friend of mine just completed a setup and with the $ invested to get them back in working condition he could have purchased wilwood. but for the car hes doing ( kind of period correct all ford street monster ) they were perfect.