View Full Version : ATL Area Members? Favor?

06-06-2007, 08:16 PM
Thinking about picking up a '68 Mustang I found on ebay (didn't meet reserve surprisingly). It's in Douglasville. Looks good in pics, but they can hide a lot; I thought it would sell for sure but I guess maybe I value it more than other people. It's this guy here..I wanted my very very first car before I went to the dark side (a '67 coupe) to be done just about like this and I've been looking for an inexpensive-ish nice driver for a little while.


I don't know this guy's schedule just yet and I'm looking into transport costs, but I'm just curious if anyone could give me a 3rd party inspection if this gets more serious. Time/effort will be compensated for (name your price!). Thanks!!!