View Full Version : rearend narrowing /measuring tool

02-11-2007, 07:59 AM
anybody have an idea to build a jig/ measuring device to install under a car to determine width of narrowed rearend. i'm thinking getting 2 short lengths of 3 inch tube, and welding ford housing ends to them. then installing sawed down axles with my rotors and wheels/tires to them. then having a couple lengths of center tube to slide inside the 3 inchers then turning a set screw to hold your desired width. I would also have leaf spring perches, to bolt the leafs to this jig and insure everything was properly located. can anybody weigh in on this for me. if i am being assbackwards, then point me in the right direction. i just want my rearend to be right, and want something to repeat the process later with future projects. thanks in advance, :grouphug: Dan

02-11-2007, 04:06 PM
That's a lot of work and expense for a two minute measuring job... All you really need to do is roll the tires and wheels under the car, after the steel is out of the way, center them up where you want them, and measure between the wheel mounting faces. With nothing in the way a tape measure pokes through the wheel center hole just fine and, if you took your time setting the tire clearance to the fenders, thats all you need to know. I think you will find it is MORE difficult to position the assembly, as you have outlined it, then it is to place each tire and wheel individually. Trying to set the width while keeping the tires clear of the fenders and everything centered up will be a pain.
As far as repeatability goes, every build is different. As long as you get your tires positioned correctly on each side you shouldn't have any issues with rearend width.
That's my take on it.