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01-30-2007, 08:49 PM
Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am wanting to get into some SCCA events. I have no clue as to what category I would fit into and all the research I have done doesnt point me in a definitive direction.

Basically I have an 87 Olds 442 that is extremely modified. The only thing really original is the body itself. The suspension, rearend, engine, interior, gauges, etc.. have all been upgraded to aftermarket items. Am I pretty much screwed trying to compete in some type of road racing and autocross events because I dont fit into any categories (or at least none that I can find)? I have perused all of the rule books and cant find something I fit into hence the reason for this post.

I am hoping that I dont have to abandon this car and it's hopes for competing but I am starting to think that will be my only option. I really dont want to start building a new car for this purpose when this car is not even finished. TIA for the help.

01-30-2007, 09:42 PM
Welcome to competition and there is a place for your car in Solo II (autocross) competition. San Diego is a hotbed of autocross events and SCCA is hosting a Pro-Solo at Jack Murphy Stadium (or whatever it's called today) the end of March or April. The SCCA website should have the exact dates and there's a link for Solo II and Pro-Solo.

Your car's mods will probably put you in C Prepared or in the Modified category. It's too much for Street Prepared and definitely not Stock. The good thing is that the CP contingency are a great group and fun to run with. I definitely recommend getting a Solo II 2007 Rule Book or downloading one from the website. The rules will give you what you need to prepare and class your car accordingly.

For road racing, stay away from this venue unless you have a deep wallet. You can autocross and open track your car for an entire year for what it costs to race two weekends. And that's not counting repairs for any car damage that might occur. Your biggest expense will be tires. You can probably get about 50+ runs with race tires (Hoosiers or Goodyears) and also do some open track days as well.

If you're into speed and really want to try your car on a track, look into open track events. They're pretty safe and you can have fun at speed. There are several groups that host these types of events and the next one we'll be attending is at Buttonwillow Raceway (about 150 miles north of LA) on February 24th.

Good luck and have fun.

Mary Pozzi