View Full Version : Greenflag [email protected] Buttonwillow 11/25

11-03-2006, 08:34 PM
This event last year was just too cool, lot's of high dollar old trans am cars (and that damn red Mustang!). I'm bringing the Chevelle...problem solved or not and my brother Dan is bring'in his new C5 for me to spank(the doctor gave him the OK!), and hopefully DaveZZ28 will have the '73 out there too.

11-04-2006, 08:22 PM
Sorry, can't make it. Bummer!

Mean 69
11-05-2006, 07:42 AM
I looked at that date and said to myself, "self, why does that date ring a bell?" It's my anniversary, I think I'd have a bit of a hard time convincing my wife to let me go play.

David P, you are very lucky Mary digs this stuff as much as you do!!!!


David Pozzi
11-05-2006, 11:58 AM
Yes I AM very lucky! :)

Sometimes she dig's it MORE than me...

11-06-2006, 06:27 PM
Sooo, who's going to Buttonwillow, I just sent my check in.

11-07-2006, 10:09 PM
Dave and I will be there for Saturday and probably Sunday if there's any openings. Can't wait but need the time to create brake ducting for the beast.

We'll be there Friday afternoon and plan to BBQ something that once had parents, talk racing, watch "Cars," and talk racing some more.

Mary Pozzi

11-11-2006, 12:03 PM
What is the scoop on the event? How much does it cost? What kind of cars? I almost have my mustang done, so it would be fun to go try it out plus I live in bakerfield.


David Pozzi
11-11-2006, 02:35 PM

Look above for more info.
They are a good group, have mainly vintage Mustangs and Fords but there are quite a fiew later Corvettes and others that run too.

11-21-2006, 07:10 PM
Well Chevelle is fixed (I hope), and there's only one way to find out, so my bro, Dave and I will be there on Saturday. Let's get a head count!!! Does anyone know the config. for Sat?

11-21-2006, 08:28 PM
Talked to Tom Georgalos this morning and the track will be run CW (probably the same as last year). Dave and I will be there on Friday afternoon and will either eat more turkey or BBQ something animal for dinner. Green Flag has a no-host dinner at the local Buttonwillow restaurant that's lots of fun on Saturday night.

Might run Sunday, too . . .

Should be fun.


11-21-2006, 09:32 PM
I'll be there for sunday, my son wants to ride along and can only go then.

11-21-2006, 10:58 PM
CW! damn, the Chevelle hate going around that way! Oh well get ready to see me plow some more of that infield. lol

David Pozzi
11-26-2006, 05:53 PM
We just got back from Button Willow, had a great time and Mary's Camaro ran very well. I even got a chance to drive it in the last session. I took Dan for a ride. Mary or Dan's brother Dave will tell you all about Dan taking a friend for a ride and how his stomach reacted to it! :barf: :barf: :barf: :barf:

The new shocks are helping stabilize the car better and the Kumho 710's are lasting a lot longer than I'd ever imagined.

I got some video and looked at Mary's run, it came out very well, you can even see cars behind in the rear view mirror!

11-26-2006, 08:31 PM
Oh man,

It was a sight to behold and one I won't even attempt to describe. Poor guy . . . and just after lunch, too. It was pretty bad and I felt for the guy. Dave said he had cheese - LOTS of cheese.

A question OrngCrush69 needs an answer to is just how do you get :barf: out of heater ducting and carpet seams?? Hell, I'd be buying stock in Febreze, Lysol, hydrochloric acid, lye, a mixture of pool chlorine and bleach, or matches with a hydrocarbon chaser, or all of the above?!?!? Come to think of it, this might be a good project for the Mythbusters crew. The last Corvette they used for one of their shows was sealed up with a dead pig in it simulating a dead body, and smell, when it's left inside for a few months or so. This is sort of similar . . . or will be come summertime!! Just kidding, Dan.

Other than that . . . we all had a great time and went fast. The car stayed together and the Kumho's stuck good (can't believe these tires as we've got three track days and a bunch of autocrosses on them). Both Dave and I have video of sessions we drove and will post them soon.

The next Green Flag event is Laguna Seca on December 23rd. And no rides after lunch . . .

Mary Pozzi

11-26-2006, 09:10 PM
Mary, a lot of Frabrez and scrubbing! As for Dan he's already looking for a C6. LOL A note to all who want to bring people into the sport...make sure they have a strong stomach!!! I'm sure all of you (Pro-Touring)show car people don't have to worry about this when you're sitting on a chair behind your car. If you want to see a true Pro-Touring car look no further than the Pozzi's Camaro! It's clean and has skilled drivers behind the wheel!

11-28-2006, 05:30 PM
Mary, you need to write a book. That's too funny! I feel sorry for Dan, that's not a fun deal at all.

Somewhere there's a video of my car with Larry operating the camera in the passenger seat. He was pretty green when that session ended.

11-30-2006, 02:09 PM
Some of you should have stuck around for Sunday. They combined the red and blue groups and left the yellow (5 to 6 cars) alone. We got half hour sessions, which made the morning great. I thought I blew a transmission seal until Dave got under the car and noticed that the seal was ok. It turned out to be the breather tube to the transmission that puked, a little to full. Ha!!! something else puked too, I had heard from Mary. By the way, Head-on-photos was at the track taking photos. I got a great photo of the car with my son as a passenger. Speaking of photo's, Dave took a few, how they turn out?