View Full Version : Unisteer Rack & Pinion Problem

10-01-2006, 04:08 PM
SO . . . I have a Unisteer rack & pinion setup in my 68 Camaro and life is good!! THEN a few weeks back NO power steering, and checkin' things out the pump is burning up!! Must be the pump right?? I replaced the pump (had to have a new pressure line made up as the new pump had a female fitting, etc :scared:) and STILL had no power steering. I found a thread and a post from jdpepper (thanx!) with an issue sounding familiar to the symptons I had. I called Unisteer and they acknowledged that SOME (early?) pumps in fact had check valves on the pressure side. After removing the banjo fitting and fishing around sure enough I removed a small cone shaped spring (but couldn't get a small ball out as Unisteer had advised). I put everything back together and it's all good (again)!!! My guess is that I probably didn't need a new pump after all (and the custom stainless steel pressure line, heartache, etc). Hope this helps somebody else. :)