View Full Version : Boosting a Mopar 318?

09-26-2006, 06:55 PM
Has anyone boosted a Mopar 318 with a supercharger or turbocharger? I am thinking about it for my 1968 Satellite project. What issues should I look out for? Any recommendations on parts?

09-27-2006, 07:49 AM
For some SC tips for Mopars contact thesuperchargerstore.com , they have all the mounting hardware and wate injection kits too. As for turbo, I think you'll have to fab your own stuff, TTI may have manifolds, not sure.
Basically, a stock 318 could easily accept some boost with a cam change and some closed chambered heads to help keep detonation down. Nearly all stock heads are open chamber and you want a wider LSA (lobe seperation angle) on your cam. You could go with E-brocks or get a Magnum donor or get a set of Magnum R/T heads off the internet.
You don't necesarilly need an inercooler with an SC but might want to if you go turbo. Also, with the stock bottom end you wanna keep it fairly mild, maybe a P1-SC procharger, and forged lower guts are essential if you wanna get radical.
The best thing to do, starting out, get yoourself some reading material. There are two really, really good SBChrysler books on Amazon and they are worth buying at least one of them. How to Build Big-Inch Mopar Small Blocks: Up to 476 Cubic Inches by Jim Szilagyi (that is the corect spelling of his name, wierd, huh) and How to Hot-Rod Small-Block Mopar Engines by Larry Shepard. The stroker book is based on the new 4" stoker cranks for Mopar SB's, rotating assemblies can be had for $1250.00 some places and PHR and Engine Masters did a good article on a 416 build. Read, read, read, before you spend the money one engine parts. PM me and I will tell you what all I got in my once 360 now 408 SC engine.