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09-12-2006, 11:55 AM
Bob johnson not only brought his car out to our street challenge event and ran one of the faster times at 31.56 seconds on the Short track :cool: Then he and the guys from Johnsons Hot Rods cleaned her up after her day at the track and took it to Pigeon Forge and won the Big Cajuna with it!.....That car was cooking until the PS pump went south. So for all of you clowns on here that ever said "nice trailer queen".... It is time to start eating your words. :)....... That car runs hard!

The fastest short track time was a 31.24 and was put up by our 05 Mustang. The quickest full track recorded time was 1.24.55 that was made by our 69 Mustang before the motor let loose. We also had the guys up from MSD / Racepack to play with the new G2X stuff and get this.... recorded a best "G" pull at 1.12 in our blue chevelle.

The best burnout out of the hot pit award definitely goes to Chris from Smitty's in the Black C-10.... :jump: I think he earned this award the last three years running. I think he uses the sound of his valves floating for his shift light....... I will start posting some pictures up as we get them cleaned up and put in.

09-12-2006, 12:47 PM
Any videos?


09-12-2006, 12:52 PM
i rode in the mustang at kansas city , that car had a killer engine combo .

09-12-2006, 05:32 PM
"Had" being the operative word for the aluminum 427w in the Mustang. Crank was black, rods were black. 3 pistons were black...I'm black. We were trying to put it back together for this weekend but the piston manufacturer didn't care near as much as I did about all that. More details when I get out of therapy.
We WILL be in Pigeon Forge Friday with the 66 Chevelle [the one that pulled 1.12G at the Street Challenge], the 71 Camaro RS, the 67 Camaro RS, and my GSX. None of these are quite as brutal as the Mustang [they won't pick up the left front tire 6"] but quite fun anyway. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you guys there!
BTW...Johnson's Cuda is one badass car. All of my rides don't have the amount of time and money he has in that car and he was letting SERIOUS racing drivers wear it out. SALUTE!
The yellow 65 Mustang is a damn nice car as well. It looked like it drove great through the autocross, as the times proved. I didn't get near enough time to spend with everyone but it was a great time, even with the engine attrition.
I'm trying to compile the timing data into some sort of organized summary right now...we'll have a link to the Street Challenge web page as soon as it is up. As for video, Horsepower TV had 2 camaera crews there filming. Galley said the show should air right before SEMA near the end of october. We'll get a copy of that as soon as it airs and have it on the website. You'll see detailed coverage in PHR, Super Chevy, Chevy Hi Performance, Classic Trucks, and several other mags in the coming months.
I think maybe the car that was the most impressive for what it was, was the 383 automatic 66 Chevelle. It had an off-the-shelf StrongArm/ShockWave/LevelPro air ride system with our Musclebar sway bars and Fatman's tall spindles. 1.12G with BFG G Force tires and a street alignment of -1 degree camber, 3 degrees caster, and 1/16" toe in. Drove it to the track and drove it home. Actually..the only car that we had to haul home was the Mustang with the broken engine. Oh, yea...our 440 Challenger suffered the same fate. Still beats letting them set in a garage...
I'm actually looking forward to the drag race on Saturday in Pigeon Forge. The GSX has a soft clutch but the others should do OK. Brad Coomer at our shop is looking forward to the autocross on Sunday. His offical title here is "professional racing driver and cocksman". Good work if you can get it.

09-12-2006, 08:00 PM
Get'em Tony. By the way if you see Tony at a local show he'll most likely be at the trailer sitting down. HEHEE

Just picking at you Tony, I had fun at the Nashville, GoodGuys back in June.

09-13-2006, 05:41 AM
Get'em Tony. By the way if you see Tony at a local show he'll most likely be at the trailer sitting down. HEHEE

Just picking at you Tony, I had fun at the Nashville, GoodGuys back in June.

Hey now.... I am not quite the slouch behond the wheel..... "I am no Borris but I aint drivin Miss Daisey neither". No matter how hard I tried though.... I couldnt talk Bob out of the keys to the Cuda :) Apearantly he has sen my driving skills first hand ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...... I wish I would have been able to make it down to Pigeon Forge this weekend , unfortunately my "better half" has "impressed" her opinion upon me that she "would prefer that I stay home and help out with the kids and around the house"