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09-10-2006, 01:25 PM

im looking for a cam for a 468 big block chevy that will have a F1R on it. looking to make maybe 800 hp/tq at the flywheel. shooting for 9.2:1 CR. Ill probably go AFR 305 heads with the CNC option....what are your thoughts there?

i know about a wide LSA, but wanted to know what else to do:

solid, soild roller or hydraulic roller?
duration, lift etc. also which brand?

what do you guys recommend?



09-10-2006, 02:50 PM
If you buy from us, we will spec out camshaft and other components to work together. BTW, we are doing almost exactly what you are looking for right now. We also have a serpentine drive (of our own design) for assesories to work with the ProCharger.

09-10-2006, 06:10 PM
Jeff, I'd definately recommend calling Frank.

As far as what kind of cam-- what are your intentions for the motor? For street reliability hydraulic roller is nice. A billet core cam is a must but get it with a pressed on cast gear for the distributor so you can run an iron distributor gear for long wear life. As far as HR lifters, Morel is the best thing going. You will give up some RPM potential with the HR but for a street engine keeping the RPM's at a more reasonable level helps everything live longer. With the rest of the combo you have planned you will not have a problem making your desired power. 468ci topped with the AFR 305's and an F1R should sneeze out 800hp.

SR's, while having the most power & RPM potential can be problematic on the street. GOOD lifters are an absolute must and a more mild cam profile to keep the spring rates reasonable is a good idea-- that way you don't have to worry about killing springs as often or having to run really heavy springs which can decrease lifter life. Even then you should still plan on periodic inspections/rebuilds of the lifters. For street friendly SR lifters I really like Isky Red Zones.

Are you looking to go EFI or blowthru carb?

We also have a serpentine drive (of our own design) for assesories to work with the ProCharger.

Frank, allow me to congradulate you. IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME someone made a proper accessory drive for a Procharger... and it comes as no big surprise to me that someone other than Procharger had to make it! Those ATI guys are beyond lazy when it comes to revisiting the brackets for their SBC/BBC "retrofit" kits. Seriously, your conversions should fly off the shelf because what ATI provides with their retrofit kits is pure junk.

Those clowns told me nobody ever has problems with their brackets-- even though they've been shipping with the wrong bolts for years, their idlers blow up V-belts every 500 miles or so, etc. Anyone with their brackets will tell you the same thing! Junk.

Mind posting pics of your setup? I really want to see how you approached and fixed the problem. After blowing up several v-belts, I got tired of it. I ended keeping the ATI alternator/AC bracket but made my own serpentine conversion, belt tensioner, and braces. As for the PS I made my own PS bracket that kept the V-belt but got rid of ATI's idler pulley. Works great.

Frank, I'll be giving you a buzz next week, I'm in the market for an XFI and probably a D1SC for an all-aluminum Ford 427 9.2 deck Windsor that I'm helping build. Going in a 66 Stang Fastback with an air/water IC setup that I also need to start designing. I need to bend your ear on what bracketry (if any) is available for the application, I figure I'll probably have to fab my own. Also, do you have any contacts for an EFI-modded intake for the short deck? Should be a nasty car when finished-- all TCP suspension, 14" Baer 6S on all 4 corners (bling city), fuel safe, etc.