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08-23-2006, 08:32 AM
Hey Guys,

Well ... I'm now to the point where I'm getting ready to bolt in my 383/200-4R combo in my '68 Camaro ... and the last thing I need are the headers ... Oh yea, this setup does have the FastBurn Heads ...

I had narrowed down my Header choice to the Hooker Super Comps. (#2131) which have the 1 3/4" Primaries and 3" Collector ...

Being that this is a Blown application with about 15 lbs. of boost ... I would like to go bigger but from everything I've read ... 1 7/8" or 2" primaries just are not going to fit ...

Jody and Troy ... I beleive that both of you guys either run or have run 1 3/4" primaries in blower applications. Have you or anyone else ever ran into any issues with this primary size under boost?


08-23-2006, 10:03 AM

Glad to hear things are progressing.

I also have the 1 3/4" primaries, 3" collectors and a true dual 3" system. I have no complaints about the power. My blower is too small, though, so I've only ran my 383 at 7.5# boost after the FMIC and throttle. I need to upgrade to the T-trim head unti. The numbers say I'm getting around 740HP now.

I think you'll be fine!


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08-23-2006, 11:08 AM
Honestly I can't say for sure what would be best.

I'm running 1.75" primaries and a 4 into 1 3" collector (hooker super comps) only because I've had them for 10 years and they fit decently. They work. As far as how well they work (or how much they hurt) I can't quantify as I have never tried any other headers.

Money no object I'd tell you to get Burns Stainless on the phone and have them custom make a set of headers for the broadest possible powerband-- which means you would probably end up with tri-y's with stepped primaries and merge collectors, the exact details of which would be left in their very capable hands.

I'm going to venture that the 1.75" primaries with 3" collectors will work just fine-- they won't be too small nor will they be too large. Since they're an off the shelf header with a 4 into 1 collector they won't be ideal, but you'll have to spend a lot more and have a set custom made to get it really "right."

08-23-2006, 11:22 AM
Thanks for the feedback guys ... just wanted another opinion before I called up Summit ...