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10-25-2004, 05:58 AM
Hey guys i own the alston front clip i bought just the frame a year ago and have been saving and waiting for the bigger brakes that are supposed to come out. But as time goes on and a wedding a year from now i was thinking of selling this frame and getting just the stock setup from dse what do you guys think i am not trying to make something to take to the track just a car i can drive on the street and have some fun with . thanks guys

10-25-2004, 06:37 PM
Hey Paul,

If you're in a pinch because of a wedding (I know the feeling... mine is next August) and you're not averse to selling it, you can certainly get a few bucks back by doing so. A stock subframe, even without the trick aftermarket control arms can be made to handle pretty well for a minimum of cost... I've got a stock front sub with Hotchkis coils, Hotchkis sway bar, an AGR steering box, and am using solid subframe bushings.

Maybe doesn't handle as well as the aftermarket subs, and certainly doesn't look as trick, but cost is much more attractive... and I'm not taking the car through the slalom... just around town.

10-25-2004, 09:47 PM
If cost is a factor, I would go with the stock frame. There's some good parts out there to make the stock frame handle well for a street car.

10-26-2004, 01:15 AM
If you are not racing it, or pushing it too hard, why the concern for the upgraded discs?

I think in the long run, the DSE setup is ultimately better than the Alston unit, but if you already have it, use it. For the type of driving it sounds like you plan on doing, you'd never know where the extra cash in the suspension and brakes went.
Just my $0.02

10-26-2004, 03:47 AM
thanks guys i think i am going to try to sell the alston front clip and use the stock one like i said not looking to race with the car just drive it on the street and have fun. so thanks

10-26-2004, 04:53 AM
I allways say that money spent, is exactly that! Once I have a piece I usually try to use it. It allways happens that something better comes out and I want to buy it! The new piece is allmost allways better, prettier, and MORE EXPENSIVE! These projects gets out of hand fast! Whenever I sell a good new part, I lose money, it never brings what I paid even if it's new. So you lose on both sides of the coin. Add to that the fact that once the piece is sold, "LIFE" happens and something invariably takes a chunk of cash from whatever you get for the piece(s). A set of tires for the commuter car, a broken appliance needing repair, a loving, beautiful, caring, understanding, sweet, car loving, best wife in the world, who just dreams of new, expensive, car toys in every corner of the house, but this time just really really has to have SOMETHING less car like with some of the money! Pretty soon that new part gets harder and harder to justify and afford, and the project falls further and further behind.
Eventually when you get a replacement for what was sold, there seems to be many many more things to do in the same general area of the car, "SINCE YOUR THERE ANYWAY" and its obviously "EASIER NOW" vs. taking it all apart again later to do it!!
THEN THE WALLET EATING BACTERIA SPREADS TO ADJACENT PARTS OF THE CAR!!!! The suspension turns into a smoothed firewall, hydroboost system(WHICH IS SWEET, as me how I know), proportioning valve, and so on!! If your not careful the only treatment left to cure the infection, and an pissed off spouse, is horribly and forever regretably, SELLING WHAT YOU'VE allways dreamed of, but can't finsish, to another hobbiest for a HUGE loss!!!

I've obviosly lost my mind and the burly angles with the strange white jacket will soon catch up with me and guide me to my special place where all the walls look like clouds and the singing I hear in my head never stops! It's just so frustrating when I try to dance about the room, but keep falling since I can't seem to move my arms in this special jacket!! :help!: :help!: :help!: :help!: :help!: :help!:

I say keep what you've got(its a nice susp.) and buy something else with the extra money, you would've spent, and round out the car as a package in another area.

YOU'LL SAVE A TONS ON MEDICATION AS WELL! Trust me, before the rough and tumble angles give you a special place too!

10-26-2004, 03:50 PM
I agree with tyler and jagarang, I say keep it and use the normal front brakes for it, it will still work well, and the alston subframe looks trick. Afterall you could just upgrade the brakes in the future if the need for the bigger brakes arises and the budget allows(if they are out by then).

keep it, use it, enjoy it.

10-26-2004, 06:40 PM
I aiso have the Alstons Frame and called them about the 13" brakes and the salesman told me to call Baer Breaks. So I did and they sold me a 13" Track System at quite abit less than the Wilwood set up. I would say call Baer to at least see how it compares.

10-28-2004, 04:38 PM
well i really appreciate the good advice guys and wayne i will try to call baer and just get a quote. you guys are really helpfull thanks