View Full Version : awesome door brakes

10-18-2004, 02:32 PM
just an fyi for anyone looking for something different than the original 2 position door brakes that the first notch is too close to be able to get out of the car :doh: and the 2nd one is too far that if you don't hold on to the door it slams into the car next to you. :doh:

the door brakes on BMW 745's hold the door wherever you put the door, they look like oversized hood shocks and they attach to the A pillar toward the bottom of the door and run inside the door at the bottom.

unfortunately I am in the stone age and don't have a digital camera :pat: so I can't post pics, but if anyone wants, I could maybe take pictures with a normal camera and have the photo place put em on a CD and email them to whoever is interested.

plus I can get em at cost and if I remember right it was around 70-80$ to get both sides, and the bracket that bolts to the A pillar.