View Full Version : Winged Warrior Performance Challenge June 3rd N of Indy

John Monnin
05-03-2006, 02:28 PM
Anyone going to the Winged Warrior Charity performance challenge?

Its on June 3rd this year at Darlington Field 30 minutes northeast of Indianapolis.

www.wingedwarrior.net (http://www.wingedwarrior.net/)

If you're interested, go to the registration tab and take a quick read of things, then fill out the "performance application".

Cliff's Notes:
- 6 events (1/4 mile, 0-60mph, skidpad, slalom, 100-0, autocross) along with a show/break station.
- You must make at least 1 pass in all events, but 3 passes will be given, with free passes as time allows.
- Tire rules = 100 treadwear or Greater (it's a street car challenge)
- Fees: Only Whatever You Feel Comfortable Donating (100% to charity). We do require a $100 retainer if selected, which will be refunded on arrival. Basicly, it's free racing!

I am not involved in this event but I was thinking of showing up to watch.

I forgot the best part, it is almost free. There is a $100 deposit that will be returned after you compete and they will be asking for donations to the charity