View Full Version : Problem with Steering!!

10-13-2004, 02:08 AM

Always noticed from time to time that my steering in my car was a little quirky. It would sometimes click or skip while turning the wheel. Then one day I had to turn the wheel with the car off and it skipped like it was stripping a gear!!! I check the power steering level, it is ok and then tightened the clamp around that shaft that comes out of the gear box right before the rag joint.Now when I drive the car and turn the wheel, it gets easy then hard, easy then hard. Almost like a warped ball effect. What is going on? Is the Worm gear inside the box worn or stripped? Could it be the linkage in my suspension? Didnt get this bad until I tighten up this clamp. Also a friend of mine said that there is a nut on the top cover of the steering box that you can turn to adjust the feel of the box itself. How does this work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is a 69 with power steering.