View Full Version : turob id help needed

03-21-2006, 06:36 PM
i got a t3/t4 hybrid off of an eclpise gs today and it needs a new center section. it is a turbonetics turbo. i am not sure of the wheel trims or the compressor a/r. it will not be used for a lsx engine due to its small size. i need help identifying the compressor a/r, trims, and center section.

the numbers that i have found on it are:
side of turbine inlet -- 20357
inside on turbine inlet -- .63
side on compressor -- j1001
compressor end of bearing housing -- 20542

again, i would like to know the compressor a/r, what trims wheels, and who is the best place to get a reman/balanced center section to match both of these housings. i will probably end up putting this on my d/d beretta.