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03-17-2006, 11:13 AM
After going 90 days without a on track event (just to prove it is not an addiction) I made it through my track day 2006 season opener with the Carolina PCA at Carolina Motorsports Park with no real issues. Let me sum up:

* The weather was sunny Friday--Sunday, it was cold at night, the mornings were a bit brisk (frosty even) and the wind was pretty constant.
* Being March I did not consider the need for sunblock or even chapstick - that was a bit of a mistake. Wind burn was the environmental threat this weekend.
* I did actually remember to bring everything to the track that I needed though. I even had spares (e.g., rotors/pads/tires) that I did not need even need.
* We tried to use baling wire (procured from a paddock mate) and duct tape to hold together my cousins fender flapper 1999 Porsche 911 in an attempt get it through tech. Didn't work out - we eventually found some tie down straps at Walmart to secure the battery to pass tech inspection. Telling my cousin her car had baling wire on it was well worth the aggravation. It may not be safe for me to be around her for a while - but it was worth it....
* I was paddocked between Big Pine Key Motorsports one side and ROAR Racing on the other - made my shoestring outfit look, well, shoestring...
* My oil temps never exceeded 265 all weekend. Good ambient temps or wimpy driving - probably depends on viewpoint
* Carbotech XP8s worked great - They still look good after 2 days at Barber, 2 days at VIR and 2 days at CMP. I had no fade at CMP, VIR or Barber with them, at all. Again it is a pretty mild pad but seems to suit my mild driving style OK. I hope they make it through three days at CMP next weekend (they did are still going strong),
* I ran 315/35-17 Hoosiers on all four corners for the first time and I still plowed when I overdrove the tires...I was trying to copy the BPKM methods as much as possible I guess
* The alignment from Aiken Discount Tire is great for a dual duty car.
* My wipers decided they wanted to run all the time - pretty disconcerting to try to fiddle with a non-responsive switch and chase down a BPKM team driver at the same time. I had to pull the fuse to get them to shut off - try to do that on the track (just kidding).
* Since the wipers were not in the stowed position the aerodynamic drag had to be slowing me down on the straights - that is my story anyway
* 4 of the tires I picked up from Cass at the NCM event in October at CMP are ready for the scrapyard now but even slippery Hoosiers are better than street tires.
* 2nd gear and greasy Hoosiers are not the best combo in a ZO6 at CMP - great fun - it is like being on dirt road in Grandma's Impala at age 16 again - but not terribly fast
* David (the 911 guy) had to hang out with a bunch of Corvette guys all weekend. In time, maybe we will convert him to the darkside. His car did look good parked amongst us.
* I am glad most all Corvette drivers are old so our paddock areas are close to the restrooms. There is a downside to staying hydrated.
* All there conspired to make me drink way too many malted beverages all weekend long. After the track was closed of course.
* I did not get a single black flag all weekend.
* There is a certain V8 conversion 240Z which is just way too dang fast - and well driven I might add.
* The near new 911 "Turbo GT " with tweaks driven by a Orthopedic surgeon who looks 28 is about the fastest thing with fenders I have seen at CMP - ever.
* David got much smoother and faster as the weekend progressed - if nothing else you learn fast footwork at CMP.
* Heck, he did not even spin all weekend
* With a little better continuity of track events David should be ripping up the track in fine style.
* David's pad wear indicator came on as we caravanned back through Lugoff, SC. A quick stop at Aardvark Performance's state of the art garage on Sunday evening got him back on the road with a fresh set of Hawk pads on the front.
* I saw a lot of spins this last weekend. There was only, relatively speaking, a minor amount of damage on a Turbo 911 from contact with the tire wall at Turn 3 out of all the spinning.
* I am pretty sure Mazdarati Rob (a Grand Am Cup RX8 racer) was one of the spinners...
* I learned wheels can get really hot from heat transfer from the brake rotors.
* Butt Ugly (Track C4) looked really good on track until he cooked his brakes on Sunday
* I learned that there are a lot of really good drivers out there.
* I noted again there are some drivers who still outdrive their cars.
* There are times when I tend to drive harder than others - especially when there is a Miata or Carrera in front of me
* I saw a lot of people having a really great time.

Ralph LoGrasso
03-17-2006, 04:00 PM
* I saw a lot of people having a really great time.

The most important part of the day! Sounds like a really great weekend. :pics2:

03-20-2006, 02:39 PM
The most important part of the day! Sounds like a really great weekend. :pics2:

I really need to work on that photo thing....