View Full Version : Expansion tank?

02-27-2006, 04:19 AM
On modern cars we usually have expansion tanks as part of the cooling system. Older cars don't have them.

When now mounting a LS1 in to a '69 Camaro I got to think about this.

What is the purpose of this tank versus not havig one.

On modern cars the radiaot is usually very low, its highest point is lower than the highest water level in the engine. This will be solved with the expansion tank wich is mounted at the highest point in the system.

Now look at how the '69 Camaro radiator is located. The radiator cap is the highest point in the system, so the water level in the radiator is the same or higher than the highest waterlevel in the engine. And the cap itself has pressure relief.

So my point here is, do we really need an expansion tank when the radiator is mounted high? I mean the expansion has plenty of room to take place inside the radiator as it does on an old car.

What do you guys think?