View Full Version : Corvette Dry sump tank

01-07-2024, 03:53 PM
Hello, I have posted this in a few other places, but I am still looking for answers.
I have an LT4 out of a 2019 corvette z06 and it came with a dry sump tank.
This tank has an auxiliary pot bolted to the side of it with a tube attaching it to the main tank.
From what I can gather this smaller tank is just for extra oil capacity, does anyone know if thats accurate? I would like to remove it as it will allow for easier fitment in my car. but I don't want to toss it if it's incredibly important.

This is going into a 75 camaro, but that info isn't that critical to the question I am asking.


01-14-2024, 08:02 PM
This may help. It's an auxiliary reservoir and its purpose is to help eliminate oil aeration.