View Full Version : Headers for 65 stang with mCleod SS

01-10-2006, 10:02 AM
My friend just swapped a gforce t5 into his 65 stang. Now he can't find a set of headers that will fit with his Mcleod scattersheild.

Does anyone know of a set that will fit? Heres his combo:

Engine: 347ci stroker, Edelbrock RPM aluminum cylinder heads, Edelbrock RPM aluminum intake, Edelbrock Cam and lifters .496"/.520", Comp Cams double roller timing chain, Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers, Edelbrock hardened pushrods and guide plates, Probe forged pistons, Eagle 5140 I-beam Rods, Eagle crank, around 10.5:1 CR, Canton Windage Tray, 7qt T Sump oil pan, Melling HV oil pump, Holley 670 Street Avenger, Holley fuel pump

Transmission: G-Force T-5 (600hp/500ft.lbs), Pro 5.0 shifter, Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel, Center Force Pressure Plate, Mcleod Disc, McCleod Scattershield

Thanks in advance

01-10-2006, 12:25 PM
They are pretty easy to find. You run into more problems if you have a Windsor engine in a 65-66. Try these guys, they are great, ask for Stan. I have hooker super comps but the collectors are too low since my car is lowered 3inches.

www.fordpowertrain.com (http://www.fordpowertrain.com) they are as close to custom as you can get.

01-10-2006, 08:30 PM
He said he called a few people and he was told they wouldnt clear the mCleod scatter sheild. He also stated that he may go with the super comps but if so, he'll have to clearance a few primaries.

I'll let him know about that site. prices may be a little more than he can spend right now though.