View Full Version : Bought an LT4 for a 77TA. What should all be included?

06-08-2021, 03:17 AM
I just purchased an LT4 from a 2019 ZL1 camaro with 14k miles before its life-ending wreck. Everything is included. Radiator, condensor, coolers, all accessories, ECM (I know it will need the additional unlock with HP Tuners), trans, etc. It's a very complete engine.

The seller is parting out the car and seems pretty willing to include anything I need. I requested the gas pedal. What other small things should I request (or buy) from the donor car that will pop later during install when I try starting this thing? These small things add up in cost and require wait time. It'd be nice to get them now with my purchase or for small additional sums as opposed to later at full retail.

06-08-2021, 03:19 AM
Intercooler pump and fuel pump

06-08-2021, 03:32 AM
Intercooler pump and fuel pump

Thanks. Is the intercooler pump mounted on the core support in the ZL1?

06-08-2021, 04:54 AM
don't know where it is, easy to follow the hoses from the SC to find it though. It probably has a reservoir I would grab too. There's 2 controllers I think for that too the second is the fuel pump module which also has a pressure sensor to work, and you would need both if I'm right. Fuse box would be nice too. Look at what's included in the LT4 GMPP crate kit and make sure you get all that.

06-09-2021, 05:05 AM
what additional headaches am i going to have swapping this to a T56 from the 10L80 it comes with? Do I need any additional controllers, or is the change only in the tune on the ECM?

Is anyone running their LT4 with the lingenfelter cam ( https://www.lingenfelter.com/product/L210200215.html#.YMC9C4WSlEY ) and their 720HP package which is pretty much an overdriven crank pulley.

06-09-2021, 08:57 AM
You will need to have someone unlock the ECM from the VIN probably. The GMPP Crate controllers have different part numbers for a car with a manual or automatic and both are designed to omit things that will be missing in a typical vintage installation. Buying one of those controllers may be the easiest way to deal with it, maybe not the cheapest. You may be able to find someone to program that car's controller like the crate controllers. A GM performance dealer would be a good place to start asking probably.

06-10-2021, 02:45 PM
Did they make any zl1s with dry sump in 2019?

06-17-2021, 06:02 AM
I got a decent deal on a 2019 ZL1 LT4 and automatic 10 speed. It's was a junk yard pull, and the guy cut multiple wires and cords while pulling the engine. I'm not sure where I'd begin finding out what sensor connection is cut off and what pig tail part number I would need to replace it. If there is a site that shows these wiring harness layouts please, someone share.

I see eBay has multiple 2018 ZL1 MT harnesses. I'll be switching this AT 10 speed out for a T56 magnum, and in wondering if this will be ok for me since I'm doing that. Maybe I could even hook right in to this factory harness's reverse lights with an adapter or none at all.

Can anyone speak to this? Am I just plain and simple going to need an aftermarket harness? I'm using the GM ECM. If no one here knows, what vendors would be experts on harnesses for LT swaps and using or not using the donor car harness?

06-17-2021, 06:09 AM
Might be worthwhile to invest in a Helm Inc service manual since I don't think there's a lot of info on this model out on the web? (exactly what dealership techs use)


Good luck!

01-27-2022, 07:14 PM
early models you have to have tach sensor behind the instrument panel to make the DBI work. something to check on