View Full Version : Gearing, Engine Placement, 8.8 Ford S550 rear

07-26-2020, 11:21 AM
So looking for ideas at this point and what people have used that work together. Started this build with zero experience in hot rod building or really car building at all, so its been a hell of a learning experience. I'm up in North Pole, Alaska. so I don't have the best resources available (so far the internet has been my main go to on about everything).

I fully understand what i'm doing is not the norm, so here's the basics first:

Known (Currently have):
1967 Camaro
-Stock Subframe
-QA1 front suspension (Tubular control arms, sway bar, coilovers)
-Engine: LQ4 bored from the 6.0 to a 6.2L, LS3 stock internals, 823 heads, 228/230 .585/.585 cam, Holley 302-2 oil pan
-Rear axle: S550 Mustang rear with 3.31 gears

-Tremec Magnum XL (unsure to go close or wide ratio, and how would either handle with a 3.31 rear)
-Ride Tech Tru-Turn steering package
-S550 Mustang rear suspension (sub-frame hard installed, using Ridetech rear coilovers, mounting location TBD)
-18x12 ET76 or so rear (315/35r18), gonna try and cram a 275 in the front.

-Between a 1-3 degree yoke angle for engine/trans side to allow easier mounting of my rear (diff is hard mounted, would have to possibly shim the mounts of the rear sub-frame to change angle)
-Fit the engine and trans to where I wont need to modify my tunnel (I still have no accessory section, looking mostly towards C5 corvette accessories)
-Engine Mounts that allow up/down and side/side adjustability (if they exist?)
-Drivable Daily

Pics for a bit of a visual (Subframe mounts in pictures have been removed, we temp welded in to check how challenging the 64.9in track width would be for wheel/tire fittment)
Rear end as purchased:
Stock Front subframe w/ QA1 goodies:

Open to other pathways, not 100% sold on the trans, but I was looking at a kit that they say will not require tunnel modifications (not opposed to it, as below is the car's current state):