View Full Version : anyone have a 66 chevelle AAW wiring harness for sale? Or other parts??

05-01-2019, 05:54 PM
Hello so Iím building a 66 chevelle kinda frame of without anything g crazy just wanna build a solid quality parts car. Iím looking for a AAW Harness part # 500981.

AAW # 500981 complete wiring harness

so of thr the back story on this car. Bought it in primer ready for paint. Have a spare frame from my Speedtech chassis car build. So Iím sending the spare stock frame to blast and primer. I friend is going to weld in the Speedtech chassis brace kit and front coil over mounts. So suspension wise I should be good. Frame and body are going theyre separate ways in the next few days. Frame to blast and body to paint prep/paint. In about 2 months theyíll meet again and be joined together and thatís when Iíll need the wiring harness just wanna start getting parts now. And try the ďplaningĒ concept with this car lol. Any help with parts or leads would be appreciated. Ive already gotten price quotes from most dealers on here just checking if anyone has anything left over from a 66 build. Thanks for looking