View Full Version : UMI Presents King Of The Mountain

UMI Performance
03-25-2019, 10:38 AM
The first of it's kind, King Of The Moutain is an invitation only event that will bring 100 of the fastest autocross cars and best drivers from across the nation. After two days of qualifying, a battle in a 32 car showdown takes place with the King (or Queen!) of the Mountain collecting a big check for $10,000 at the end of it all! In addition to the $10k winner-take-all, many sponsors have stepped up to offer various incentives which should make this a knock down, drag out event you won’t want to miss.


How does it all work? Being the first of it's kind, a lot of planning has gone into this event. We made sure it's fair for everyone, but challenging and fair. Watch as Performance Engineer Ramey Womer explains the structure to get to the final 32 cars:


For more information, hop on the Official King Of The Mountain website! (https://www.umiperformance.com/kotm/)