View Full Version : Introducing UMI Motorsports Park

UMI Performance
03-25-2019, 09:45 AM
UMI Motorsports Park is a full sized autocross complex. With a rich history of dirt and road oval track racing, UMI Performance is excited to bring this track into future! While there might be an occasional circle track race, the purpose of this track is now for autocross and product development. Watch as UMI President Ryan Kirkwood explains his plans with the track:


While this track is in great shape now, that's not how it was when UMI Performance purchased it. After sitting vacant for over five years and without any sort of repair for ten years, the track had seen better days. There was old yellow paint, overgrown bushes and the entire place needed love. Check out this quick video showing the before and after of the track:


With the track back in shape, the last thing left to do was host an event. In the summer of 2018 we hosted our event which was a huge success! In less than five minutes we sold out for the 2019 event - we are looking forward to it! Here's a recap of the 2018 event:


For more information on UMI Motorsports Park, check out the website! (https://www.umimotorsportspark.com/)