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06-15-2018, 04:33 PM
Hi, everyone. Sim Seats is happy to be one of the newest forum sponsors here on pro-touing.com!

About Sim Seats:

The business was started 10 years ago when people asked our owner, Zach, if he would make simulators for them like what he had. Each time he built one, and still today, we make changes to the design to improve the products or to suit the customer. Everything that you see in our standard offerings today is the result of a customer asking if it could be done, and us finding a way. Additionally, we can customize the simulators with the same seat, steering wheel, pedal box, and colors that a customer requests.

The product took a big step forward two years ago when we added motion. While it is not a perfect replica of what you would experience in the car, it does a tremendous job of closing the gap by providing haptic feedback to the user. More recently we started offering an option for a virtual reality headset in lieu of the traditional triple monitors.

This business is run as a passion project by mechanical engineers who are also motorsports enthusiasts. I have a pro-touring 1968 GTO, Brian has an E36 M3 track car, and Zach has a LS1 swapped E30 track car. Additionally, if you have been to a Mid-Atlantic region NASA track day this year you met Zach; he is the 2018 lead instructor.

Here are two videos of our simulators:

Here is a video showcasing a one-off build that we did for Richmond Raceway. We put two simulators in the cabin, and later added a handicap accessible one in the trunk.
I am looking forward to helping everyone who is interested in e-racing, and answering questions about hardware. Maybe we can get a racing league going on iRacing.