View Full Version : Probably my next big purchase in the diagnostic line of tools and ,,,,

12-17-2017, 09:41 PM
For the home diag, its a life saver compared to guessing.
Went to friend's house to help figure out an unfinished project with LSx dropped in. All premium parts and guy got a Dynacorn body car with original tags from rusted out hulk.
Anyway it has ABS because he had Speedtech/ATS spindles with Vette bearings and the truck rearend has proper tone rings and it is running Silverado 3 channel/line system.
Anyway it would never start, he had put in several crank sensors, etc. WELL I for got my $2500 Vantage Pro, and didnt have proper leads for my $9000 Verdict D7 (had European also) so he pulls out this kit that came with car!
So I did some reading on it and figured it out and we find out the engine has 24x not 58x crank wheel. So I do more research on the system installed, turns out it was a knock off Megasquirt. So I drag out lap top and reset the crank spec and (I already had software for Megasquirt anyway) and car fires right up. Did a bit of idle tuning and made few other small tweaks and left it to learn on its own.
Went back for finish and WOT tuning but that little scope has helped me and Danny in diagnosing and dialing in his car. Like turns out it had a chinese CTS and the scaling was assed up. So I froze it and then boiled it and figured out the scaling. He also found crappy O2 sensor. and the price is great for the limited use guy who is delving into the electronic fuel injection fold.
Hope this helps.
Good Luck