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08-19-2016, 06:44 AM
I'm just about ready to turn my 69 Pace car over to the resto shop and am looking for experienced opinions.

Is it cheaper to replace and paint say AMD sheet metal or strip and paint original sheet metal ?
Keep in mind that the original sheet metal is a 7.5 out of 10. Surface rust only, sorta looks like tiny Pin holes of rust in certain areas.

Also having some trouble finding a shop that I'm comfortable with in the Maryland area. One guy places major ads but works out of his garage. 2 others seem ok but getting that BAD vibe if you know what I mean. Any recomendations in Maryland / Delaware ?

Appreciate any feedback.

Thanks Marc

Schwartz Performance
08-19-2016, 07:04 AM
If the original isn't really thin from the rusty then use that. If it ends up having more rust than you thought, it's best to replace.
We always strip the cars that we get in our shop to better evaluate what to do.


08-23-2016, 02:50 PM
Now if the panel is still sufficiently stiff enough, and pin holes not too extensive just skim coat the panel with metalmto metal filler. https://www.amazon.com/Fibreglass-Evercoat-889-Metal-2-Metal-Reinforced/dp/B000P72HG8
Works great, really handy for trunk lips, tail panels. Just need to hit the back with a sealer, bed liner or undercoat.